Indianapolis TikTok stylist offers braiding experience, education

Hairstylist and braider Tillie Dixson needs her purchasers and her greater than 414,000 TikTok followers to know how one can maintain their hair on their very own.  

Dixson, or That1 Stylist as she is understood on her web site and social Media, doesn’t simply braid her purchasers’ hair. As a licensed cosmetologist and somebody who has a full-service salon, she is ready to provide a bit greater than the usual service – together with educating her purchasers. 

“We do need clients to have a job, but there’s plenty of people to go around,” Dixson stated about stylists. “I want to make people comfortable with doing their hair and just know a bit more about their hair so they don’t have to rely on anyone else.”

Licensed cosmetologist Tillie Dixson installs passion twists, a new natural hair trend, on professional basketball player Chelsey Perry on Thursday, Aug. 11, 2022, at 'That 1 Studio' in Indianapolis.

As she completes every step in her braiding course of, Dixson talks to her prospects in regards to the qualities of their strands – the sort, texture, density and porosity, which is the hair’s capacity to soak up and retain moisture.

She tells them what merchandise she makes use of on their hair and why. She creates an inventory of hair care merchandise they’ll use to enhance or retain hair well being and supplies free samples. She recommends silk pillowcases and bonnets, as a result of silk doesn’t rub or snag on braided hair. 

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