‘I Thought I’d Seen It All’

It is difficult for many to digest whatever they may have just come across when faced with an alien encounter. So, we are eager to show others the weird and wonderful discoveries we have made. This is what happened when one doctor’s world was turned upside down. 

Medical professional  Michael Narvey is a popular online neonatologist and a newborn intensive care specialist, gathering many followers on Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok. 

Narvey also partially heads neonatology at Health Sciences Center in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, making him a highly qualified individual in his field.

Doctor Michael Narvey showing TikTokers ultrasounds. │Source: tiktok.com/nicu_musings

With this level of expertise and seniority, one would think this doctor would have seen and come across everything by now. However, as the newborn intensive care specialist made clear in a recent TikTok video, he has not. He explicitly expressed:

“I thought I’d seen it all.”

Taking to the social media platform, he told a story that left his fellow TikTokers flabbergasted as likes and comments rolled in from all corners of the web. 

Standing in front of an ultrasound, the doctor explained that a 33-year-old woman was concerned about her irregular period. 

There were many controversial conversations surrounding abortion in the comment section. 

Many may assume that she might have fallen pregnant, and although this was true in a sense, it was not that simple. 

Pointing to the liver in the ultrasound, the neonatologist showed a fetus growing inside this woman’s liver, explaining that she had an ectopic pregnancy in this organ. He exclaimed:

“We see this sometimes in the abdomen, but never in the liver, this is a first for me.”

Due to the necessity of removing this fetus, there were many controversial conversations surrounding abortion in the comment section. However, a lot of individuals were simply sympathetic to the affected woman with one penning

“Oh my gods!!! I hope she ended up getting through this with her life. That is so dangerous!! Poor woman!!”

Whatever our opinions or emotions may be towards this incident, it serves as a reminder to all of us. This is that life can constantly surprise us, especially when we think we’ve seen it all. 

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