‘I Stood beside Her While She Birthed My Son:’ Family Adopts Baby of a Woman They Met That Day

A woman found out she had premature menopause at 21. She and her husband adopted a child in 2018, but fortunately enough, she got pregnant through IVF and would be delivering her baby in January 2022.

Miracles happen every day, but sometimes, they surprise us at the precise moment when we’re wallowing in despair and on the verge of giving up. Our life can change in just an instant, and the same happened with the Reeves family. 

Ashley Reeves met her husband, John Reeves when they were in high school. Because she was two years older than him, they didn’t connect as teenagers. 

The two crossed paths again ten years later and began dating. As their relationship progressed, Ashley knew she had to open up about herself. She decided to tell John about her health, something she had discovered right after graduating college. 

At 21, Ashley had gone through ovarian failure, which meant she had premature menopause. In short, having biological children of her own was next to impossible.

When she told the details to John on their third date, his response surprised her. While he thought it was a little too soon to discuss future family, he comforted the love of his life and said he had always wanted to adopt a baby. 

Soon, the couple tied the knot and began cherishing their time together. During their honeymoon, they began discussing various options for starting a family, including adoption. The Reeveses also saw fertility specialists trying their luck with fertility treatments. 

Since Ellis’s birth, Ashley and John have maintained a healthy relationship with his birth mom, and consider her an integral part of his life and their family. 

A few doctors told Ashley and John that there was a possibility they could get pregnant with a donor egg. After going through a long and tiring process of choosing a donor, they did three embryo transfers, but two of them ended in miscarriage.

After suffering two miscarriages and having lost her father and cousin recently, Ashley was completely shattered. She and her husband eventually agreed to go through with their original plan of adoption. She also shared: 

“I needed to step away from the guilt that comes with having a body that will not cooperate properly.”

The Reeveses began their adoption paperwork in March 2018. They signed up on an adoption agency’s website after setting up a profile with their contact information and other details.

Despite several birth mothers viewing their profile, nobody chose them. The adoption agency told us to wait for the perfect match to come along, which finally happened on November 29, 2018. Ashley further added: 

“Then, we got a call on November 29, 2018, from our agency letting us know that we had been chosen by a birth family, and our son would be born around December 19th.”

Ashley and John were over the moon. They already considered “number 29” lucky. Their first date was on March 29, their wedding date was October 29, and Ashley’s birthday falls on July 29. 

The Reeves shared the good news with their family, and nobody could believe they’d be parents in only three weeks. Ashley and John decided to talk to the birth mom, hoping she wouldn’t change her decision. They conversed through email. 

They met her in person on the day she would give birth to their son. Ashley shared she felt an instant connection standing beside her as she delivered the baby. She hoped the child would inherit at least part of those amazing qualities. 

After delivering a healthy 10-pound baby, the birth mother watched as the little boy was placed into the arms of his adoptive parents.

She waited patiently for hours to hold the baby and remained quiet the entire time so Ashley and John could cherish the joyous moment. The Reeveses named their son Ellis, documenting their entire journey on Ashley’s Instagram page. 

They also shared how Ellis’s birth parents signed over the parental rights. A woman they didn’t know and a couple who were strangers to them three weeks ago had helped make their dream of becoming parents possible. 

Since Ellis’s birth, Ashley and John have maintained a healthy relationship with his birth mom and consider her an integral part of his life and their family. 

The Fayetteville, Arkansas couple have experienced another miracle and are expecting a baby girl through IVF. They broke the exciting news on their Instagram on July 26 this year. The caption of the post read: 

“Today, on #WorldIVFDay, it feels like a great time to share with you that Ellis will become a big brother in January! 🥰”

Congratulations and celebrations are for the Reeveses, and we hope Ellis will be looking forward to taking on the role of an older brother. 

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