Husband Stood up for His Wife after Mom Criticized Her Daughter-In-Law in a Phone Call

A man won over thousands of hearts after recounting a disturbing phone call with his mom, who was seemingly criticizing his wife. He gave a curt response that silenced her for good, leaving a lasting impression on his fans.

Dad-blogger Cling Edward took to Facebook to recount an experience with his mom that had an unexpected ending, but coming to his wife’s defense during the conversation earned him the thumbs up from netizens.

Taking to his Facebook page, “No Idea What I’m Doing: A Daddy Blog,” in 2017, he recounted the phone conversation where his mom targeted his wife, asking him if it deos not bother him that Mel would not keep a cleaner house.

The man pondered on the question for a while, as before then, he never thought anything of his wife’s inability to keep the house tidy.

Although his mom did not ask the question out of spite, Edward still found it inappropriate, as he never deemed it his wife’s job to clean. The man explained how he and Mel enjoyed a marriage that was more of a partnership, where they shared the responsibilities.

Aside from the occasional kid clutter, unwashed dishes, and half-finished art projects, there was little cause for concern when it came to the tidiness of the mom.

However, his mom, who was evidently a product of the baby boom generation, seemed to think otherwise. Edward believed his mom’s concerns reflected the generation she grew up in.

Growing up, he watched his parents emphasize the need to rate a woman by how well she could work around the house. He recalled one of the few pieces of advice he ever received from his dad, saying:

“I do remember him giving this advice about picking a wife: ‘stop by her house unexpectedly. See how it looks in there. You can tell a lot about a woman by how she keeps her house.’”

Despite his parent’s stereotypic views on gender roles, Edward grew up more liberal, making his happiness and the welfare of his future kids the only yardstick to measure the wifely qualities.

With that in mind, the proud husband and father finally came up with the perfect response to his mom’s query. He shared:

“After a few moments struggling to find the right words, I finally said, ‘I didn’t get into this marriage for a clean house. I got into it because she seemed like someone I could spend my life with.’”

His response plunged his mom into deep silence asshe pondered over those words. Eventually, she agreed with her son, noting that what Mel could offer was more important than a clean house.

 Following his account, several netizens flooded Edward’s comment section with words of commendation. Many described him as an amazing man for defending his wife and having a liberal understanding of gender roles. One



“Your wife is the luckiest on the planet! Marriage is hard, but it only gets harder when we take our spouse for granted (emotionally)[…]”

The 2017 post quickly made the


blogger an everyday hero and a model to thousands of couples working to keep their relationships afloat.

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