Husband Learns He Is Sterile Days after Wife Announces Her Pregnancy

A husband secretly took a fertility test after constantly failing to conceive a child with his wife. Shortly after, his wife announced her pregnancy. But when his fertility test results arrived days later, he surprisingly learned he was sterile.

Despite trying their luck to conceive, Redditor United_Fox241 and his wife constantly failed. He suspected one of them had some biological problem that hindered them from conceiving.

The Original Poster (OP) kept his doubts to himself. He felt his wife had similar opinions about him and feared facing them. After deep thought, he decided to get himself tested before talking to her about it.

OP takes a fertility test | Photo: Shutterstock

The husband knew the topic would be immensely stressful for both of them, so he took the test secretly and awaited the results, hoping he would be perfectly healthy. But shortly after, news of his wife’s pregnancy surprised him, and they were both ecstatic. 

But the happy news would soon be dampened by his test results that arrived a few days later. The doctor revealed he was sterile. 

OP’s wife announces her pregnancy to him | Photo: Pexels

Feelings of betrayal surfaced as he realized his wife was carrying another man’s child. His conscience ambushed him with several questions. He felt numb and decided to ask his wife if she’d been seeing someone else behind his back.

That night, he told his wife that they’d be taking off the next day from work. “My wife denied it. Cheaters always deny,” OP recalled.

His wife swore on everything she possibly could that she had never cheated on him. But he was hell-bent on not believing her and remained calm. Gradually, their marriage was on the rocks.  

OP confronted his wife | Photo: Pexels

His wife sobbed the entire time and asked him to get tested again. She thought this was the only way to prove her loyalty to him.

He couldn’t believe the doctor’s claim and rechecked. The results this time were genuinely accurate.

There was little room for doubt, considering how much he knew her. At some point, OP even assumed she wasn’t the type of person who’d have an extramarital affair. However, he needed solid evidence, and that’s when she made an offer.

His wife constantly cried and pleaded with him to trust her loyalty | Photo: Unsplash

She promised he could have everything should he file for divorce on one condition: that he got tested again. He was shocked by her confidence, and in an attempt to believe her, he agreed. He recounted:

“The next five days were the saddest of both our collective lives. She tried her best to be normal with the usual love and affection in our house. But I just couldn’t.”

Burdened by the thought of his wife rearing someone else’s child and how his bold statements accusing her of infidelity had hurt her, he decided to take another test and awaited the results.

OP took the test again and awaited the results | Photo: Pexels

“Then the results arrived and – I WAS NOT INFERTILE! The doctor was just as puzzled as we were,” he stated.

Still in disbelief, he asked the doctor to reconfirm the results, and this time, they were genuinely accurate. The doctor reached out to everyone who got tested together with OP, suspecting there must have been an unfortunate swap that occurred.  Meanwhile, OP was relieved and wished he trusted his wife more.

After reading his post, many called out the doctor for the mishap. Redditor Imafish12said:

“It’s unlikely anyone is 100 percent infertile. It happens, but for most, it’s just harder to conceive. Your doctor [expletive] up by not counseling you correctly on the results of your test.”

The doctor revealed OP wasn’t sterile | Photo: Pexels

“The first time, he said I had no chance of conceiving at all. The second time he told me I still had a low chance,” OP responded in the thread. Redditor khaos_kyle agreed, saying:

“My sister was told that also. My nephew is turning 16 this year.”

Meanwhile, Redditor KnowAKniceKnife emphasized what sterility meant in a comment that read: “Hey, for everyone’s future reference: infertile doesn’t mean sterile. It means you’ll have more difficulty getting pregnant or impregnating someone, not that it’s impossible.”

The air was now clear and OP realized his wife was pregnant with his child | Photo: Pexels

After rummaging through the responses, OP claimed his wife was a lovely person and that she would never break his trust at any cost. He decided to make it up to her for all the emotional stress he’d given her.

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