Huge Man Kidnapped Scared Young Girl in Walmart and Ran into Police Officer with Gun

A shopping night at Walmart turned into a nightmare when a young woman ran into a stranger. He began stalking her and trapped her alone. He grabbed her hand and dragged her to his truck.

Redditor solarisnight8 did her grocery shopping at night. The college student was comfortable shopping when the store wasn’t busy. One night, she walked across the aisles, assuming she was safe alone. However, she had company, a dreadful one indeed.

The user named Sarah headed to Walmart to buy some groceries. She didn’t have a clue she was being stalked. However, she soon realized she was in big trouble.

The Original Poster (OP) ran into a bulky stranger. She hadn’t met him before at Walmart despite being a regular shopper. She ignored him. Sarah explained:

“I was browsing Walmart when I came across a big rough-looking man with a large gut and long thin, wiry hair that started to bald. He wore a store vest signaling that he worked there.”

The OP could sense the man looking at her inch by inch. The guy stared at her for a long time. Sarah grew uncomfortable and wanted to get out of there immediately.

She made her way to the other aisles. The man followed her, pretending to organize the shelves. Sarah was aware that his eyes were fixed on her. The OP added:

“I could feel his eyes covering every inch of my skin. I was starting to get worried…The store seemed to be empty other than him and a few other workers.”

She walked through the store, pretending to ignore him. The guy kept his paces behind her in an attempt to not lose sight of her. Sarah walked to the women’s clothing section. He followed her even there.

Sarah couldn’t shop for anything peacefully and headed to the self-checkout. She was unsettled as the guy inched closer behind her and leaned against the checkout.

The cops found Sarah’s pictures in his car. He’d been stalking her for a while now and knew her late-night shopping timings.

She was alone with him and never felt this freaked out. She pretended to avoid him and waited for someone to attend to her. Just then, he asked her: “Hey there, girly. You here all alone?”

The OP felt sick at how he addressed her. She vaguely shook her head no. He asked where her friends were. Sarah turned a deaf ear and looked for help. But nobody was there. She explained:

“He smelled of something foul and said, “You know, I’m about to get off work. I could show you a good time.” I didn’t even answer them as I quickly tried to ring up my items.”

Sarah started to tremble and couldn’t scan her shopped stuff properly. The guy watched her like a hawk. She felt weak and knew she couldn’t escape through the 250-pound stalker.

She looked at him when he said: “You’re not trying to steal something, are you?” She rudely shook her head no, but that didn’t convince him. The guy claimed she attempted to steal and grabbed her arm. He dragged her outside instead of taking her to the office. Sarah added:

“I felt my heart drop as he tried to drag me to a big truck. I tried to struggle and started shouting.”

A female officer stepped in to inquire. Sarah felt relieved and shouted the guy had tried to kidnap her. The officer pulled out her firearm and demanded he let go of her. The guy set Sarah free, complaining to the officer that she’d tried to steal. The cop cuffed him instead.

Later, the OP found out that the guy didn’t work there at all. He had hurt an employee and switched his uniform. The cops found Sarah’s pictures in his car. He’d been stalking her for a while now and knew her late-night shopping timings.

The OP claimed she’d never been this horrified. The freaky night proved to be her worst nightmare ever. From then onward, Sarah shopped only during the busiest hours of the day. She finished up saying, you’re never safe in the dark, which in her case, turned out to be true to every word.

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