How to get a dog to swallow a pill? TikTok hack goes viral

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“We just decided to capitalize on the bad behavior,” the dog’s owners joked.

“We just decided to capitalize on the bad behavior,” the dog’s house owners joked.

Screengrab from @thedaisydoodlegirl’s TikTok video

A pair on TikTok went viral for a medication hack by feeding their goldendoodle’s dangerous conduct — actually.

Daisy, a goldendoodle recognized on TikTok as @thedaisydoodlegirl, has to take medication for the remainder of her life, her house owners defined in a video.

Of their viral video, the couple pretends to cook dinner within the kitchen and “accidentally” drop a chunk of meals (with a capsule inside) on the bottom.

Daisy rushes over to eat the fallen meals with out a second thought.

Some viewers had issues that it taught canine to eat something off the ground, however her house owners shared that of their residence, it labored higher than the stress of pinning Daisy down to give medication a number of occasions a day.

“We just got tired of shoving pills down her throat since she gets them twice a day for the rest of her life, so we just decided to capitalize on the bad behavior,” her house owners joked.

The video has gotten over 3 million views.

“Genius,” one vet tech commented. “I’m going to suggest this to owners at our clinic.”

“She has to be convinced she’s committing a crime to take her pill?” somebody requested. “That’s hysterical.”

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