Heroic 5 Year Old Girl Saves Her Father’s Life During Adorable 911 Conversation

A brave little girl dialed 911 and managed to save her father’s life. However, that is not the reason everyone is talking about her. The girl’s sweet conversation is what pulled on many heartstrings and gave some a good laugh. 

In 2013, a 5-year-old girl from Indiana contacted 911 to alert them about her father’s need for medical assistance. The dispatcher, Jason Bonham, started asking her a few crucial questions, but soon the conversation became humorous. 

While many people are frantic when speaking with 911 dispatchers, young Savannah managed to stay calm as she talked to Bonham. The little girl also followed all of his requests effortlessly. 

A daughter saved her father’s life after she dialled 911 and calmly spoke to the dispatcher | Photo: Youtube/themonroe6 & Youtube/n82uploads


When Bonham asked her to unlock the front door so that medics could enter their home, she did as she was told. However, she also added a few of her own comments. The little girl told Bonham about her dog. 

She stated that Lou Lou barked a lot but indicated that the dog was very “friendly.” Savannah encouraged her father as he was experiencing what is believed to have been a heart attack. The youngster also gave Bonham regular feedback.


Savannah often told Bonham about her father’s condition and shared: “So far, so good.” The little girl’s maturity surprised the dispatcher, and he said that every time he listened to their recorded call, he was reminded of how “amazing” she was.

The best part of the 911 phone call involved what the family was wearing. When Savannah realized people were coming to the house and her dad would most likely be taken to hospital, she told Bonham something that had many in stitches.


Savannah, who, like her father, was in “jammies,” expressed: “I don’t know what I’m gonna wear, but … he really needs oxygen, real fast.” These sweet words were lauded and enjoyed by Bonham and everyone who heard the conversation

Thankfully, Savannah’s father was okay, and he survived the scare. On Facebook, the little girl’s mother commented on the situation and the public’s reaction. She was thankful for the support and said: “We are so grateful & blessed.”

A mother thanks people for sharing the story of how her daughter’s 911 call saved her husband’s life | Photo: Facebook/sallia.martin


The mother continued by stating that the feedback made “the whole entire night worthwhile.” She was happy to see that people were talking and added

“The more awareness it brings & the more adults that teach children what to do, the better!”

The conversation did a lot more than create some funny online content. It has encouraged many people to teach their kids how to react if they need to call 911. Little Savannah managed to save her father and showed many how to respond in an emergency. 

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