Hero Mom Saves Son’s Life by Throwing Him Out of Their Car Moments before It Explodes

A mother was driving home with her two sons when she spotted a fire in the passenger footwell. Fortunately enough, she managed to haul her kids out of the blazing vehicle only seconds before it exploded.

Going through near-death experiences is bound to leave people scared, gasping for air, and shaken to the core. A woman living in Brownhills, Walsall, England, survived something similar with her little kids. 

Mellisa Grant was driving down Watling Street in Brownhills with her two children, three-year-old Braidan and one-year-old Bradley, on Friday, November 26.

Mellisa and Jaime Grant with their youngest son, Bradley. | Photo: twitter.com/DailyMirror | facebook.com/mellisa.knight

The mother-of-two had turned on the heating to demist the windscreen of her Vauxhall Corsa and had her two sons sitting in the back seats. Suddenly, she noticed a fire in the passenger footwell. 

Without wasting a single second, the brave mom heroically rescued her two boys. She threw Braidan away from the car but struggled to get little Bradley out of his car seat. 

There was no way she would leave Bradley in the blazing car, so she managed to pull him out with all her strength. After getting her sons safely out of the vehicle that would have exploded any second, she began looking around for help. 

The 27-year-old woman ran to the nearest house, screaming for help. While she was busy finding a place for her sons, the car went up in flames with a loud explosion.

The fire crew extinguished the fire and provided oxygen and breathing support to the driver who seemed shaken by the incident.

As she managed to get her sons safely inside the house, she threw up on their lawn while dialing 999. Mellisa’s 29-year-old husband, Jaime Grant, came looking for his wife and kids, who he thought were trapped inside the burning car. 


While struggling to rescue his family, Jaime punched his hand in the car’s front window and was badly wounded. Mellisa shared the harrowing experience on Facebook to raise awareness. She also said: 

“I don’t think I’m going to forget the moment I thought I was going to die with my babies. And I feel like I might never sleep again.”

The young mother explained how she struggled to breathe because of having inhaled the smoke. Luckily, she and her two sons are doing all right, even though the horrific incident shook them to the core. 

While her youngest kid has no recollection of the terror he survived, Mellisa and Braidan continue to be haunted by the nightmare they lived. She also added: 

“It cannot happen to anyone else and I need answers to why me and my babies nearly lost our lives tonight.”

Mellisa shared she had had the car for five years without any issues. She had even got it checked on the day of the explosion and had got its air and oil filters replaced. 

The mother also revealed that she was driving down Watling Street to grab a few decorations from Sainsbury’s and pick an Argos order, and was only a few minutes away from her house. 

A spokesperson for West Midlands Fire Service confirmed that the West Midlands Fire Service responded to an emergency fire alarm on Watling Street, Wallsall at 6:19 pm on Friday, 26 November. 

The fire crew extinguished the fire and provided oxygen and breathing support to the driver who seemed shaken by the incident. Indeed, what Mellisa did for her kids is nothing short of heroic and shows a mother’s unconditional love. 

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