Happy Asian Woman Qualities

Happy Asian Woman is happy because she knows how to balance her career, family, and relationships. She does not stop working or playing just because she is married or has kids.

When happy Asian women are pregnant they do not let that stop them from fasting during Ramadan, doing yoga all 35 weeks long, going on hikes with their husband and friends every weekend, traveling the world twice a year for business/pleasure …

happy Asian women know what makes them happy and don’t stop doing it just because they got a ring from their man or had a baby. happy Asian women are happy because they SMART. They do not delude themselves with the false reality that happiness is all about finding the right relationship/marriage to be happy, working less so you have more time for life will make you happy, spending less so you can afford a better brand name bag will make you happy… happy Asian women know happiness is an inside job and most of the time we don’t even realize our happiness is directly related to us becoming more powerful in ourselves.

happy Asian woman is very open-minded when comes to love and relationships with men. Just because she dates a White guy doesn’t mean a happy Asian woman will be unhappy with her Asian boyfriend or happy Asian woman husband. happy Asian women date and love men that make them happy, not by the color of their skin! happy Asian women are aware there is no such thing as perfection in this world but we can certainly aim for happiness that comes from within and quality time spent with those we love and trust.

happy Asian women know what they want and go after it.

They don’t wait around anymore until prince charming comes along to save the day without having to lift a finger. Yup, happy Asian women can certainly be found standing up on their own two feet taking control of every situation. happy Asian woman has mastered the art of self-love and happy Asian woman knows happiness is only a journey that requires hard work, dedication, and commitment.

Happy Asian women are extremely happy because they live in the present moment! happy Asian women don’t dwell on the past or worry about the future when it will all be revealed when the time comes. happy Asian women know life doesn’t get better by itself we have to grab it by its horns and learn of course from our past but never hold onto it so tight we forget how to breathe in the newness of this wonderful life we all so deserve to live with no boundaries.

happy Asian woman sets goals for herself knowing she is capable of achieving anything she desires if she just sets her mind to it without any doubt! happy Asian women are happy because they are HUMBLE. happy Asian women do not need to go out and prove to the world their worth and happy Asian women can already see how special and unique she is and doesn’t waste time on people who don’t appreciate them.

Happy Asian woman knows we live in a world of superficial judgments so she lives within herself knowing nobody is perfect but we all deserve happiness just the way we are! happy Asian woman is happy because she loves, respects, and most importantly LAUGHS at her mistakes that gives her such rich soul-wisdom which will keep happy Asian woman happy for the rest of her life!

happy Asian women know when to speak up and stand their ground. When aren’t going their way or happy Asian woman is being disrespected happy Asian woman won’t stand for it. happy Asian women can tell when a man is not happy living in his own skin and happy Asian women will help him find himself again to rediscover the happy, confident man he once was but lost somewhere along his path in life. happy Asian women know how to choose a good man because happy Asian woman has been through hell and back with crazy ass men who don’t know what they want from her therefore happily married happy Asian women are extremely happy single!

happy Asian women take time out for themselves.

They make sure they get enough sleep, eat healthy, travel, exercise… In short happy Asian women only do things that make them feel better about themselves. happy Asian woman never let anyone make her feel like she’s not good enough because happy Asian women know happiness is a choice and we ALL deserve to be happy no matter what! happy Asian women know life doesn’t come with a manual so happy Asian women just press play and enjoy the journey that comes from within knowing that this too shall pass.

Happy Asian woman has learned to love herself unconditionally.

Happy Asian woman asks for help from time to time because happy Asian woman knows being human also means being vulnerable, therefore talking out loud about their problems makes happy Asian woman feel a little better about themselves even if it’s just venting. happy Asian women have friends who they can talk to, laugh with, and be happy with knowing that happy Asian woman also shares the same joys and pains as happy Asian women because happy Asians find it easier to communicate. yes, happy Asian women can be found caught up in their own little bubble but happy Asian woman knows we must remain positive about everything including our past, present…happy future!

happy Asian woman has learned her mistakes and compromise for what she wants and needs therefore happy Asian women aren’t afraid of standing up for themselves when times get tough because a happy Asian woman isn’t weak nor is a happy Asian woman a pushover. happy Asian women know how to speak softly but carry a big stick behind her back meaning never judge a book by its cover. Happy Asian man is like an iceberg happy Asian woman is happy because happy Asian man never let the world see his pain until happy Asian man’s heart explodes! happy Asian women can’t help but ask, “what happened?” happy Asian women love happy endings so happy Asian women celebrate their partner’s victories with them.

Happy Asian woman knows how to find happiness in everything that life throws at her.

We are all given this one amazing gift called life that only comes around once making it important for everyone including happy Asians to live their lives by being who they want to be without hurting anyone along the way. happy Asians believe we should treat others like we would want them to treat us and be grateful we woke up a day and we each have a happy Asian woman in happy Asian life. happy Asians believe that behind every great man is a happy Asian woman and a happy Asian woman knows to love a happy man, happy Asian woman must first learn how to love herself.

Happy Asian women will never give up on someone who has so much potential because happy Asian woman believes everyone deserves their own chance at happiness even if it means forgiving the unforgivable. Happy Asian women always remember to treat others with kindness and compassion no matter what because happy Asian women believe we all have good inside us just wanting to be set free!

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