Groom Is Hospitalized on His Wedding Day, So the Bride Decides to Celebrate without Him

Recently, a couple proved that they were ready to go to any length to get married, as the bride proceeded with the wedding celebration, despite the groom’s absence. What happened to the groom? Find out!

No matter how a groom and a bride want their wedding day to look, things do not always go as planned. Many couples have had their big day fall short of high expectations due to unprofessionalism from the caterer, decorator, and so on. 

Movies have taught us that something almost always happens, and everyone tries to fix it. Most times, some of these circumstances can be avoided, but for a specific bride to be, it was a situation she had no control of.

After postponing their wedding twice due to the coronavirus, the beautiful bride was finally counting down to the day she would walk down the aisle with her handsome husband to be. 

However, on that fateful day, tragedy struck. On the wedding day, the groom was immediately rushed to the hospital after falling ill from food poisoning.

The beautiful lady was left distraught; Guests were around and ready to see them get married, and the reception venue was set. Thankfully, the groom came up with the best alternative plan. 

Rather than cancel the wedding ceremony, he asked his wife-to-be to continue with the celebration. She did as she was asked, and although she would have preferred to have her husband by her side, his picture on an iPad sufficed.

They also had their first dance, and the “groom” enjoyed an old boogie with some guests.

The beautiful wedding ceremony was captured, and the clip was posted on the TikTok page of the wedding venue — @thevictorianyoungsville.

In the emotional video, the bride was spotted cutting the couple’s wedding cake with the stickman groom’s arms wrapped around her. They also had their first dance, and the “groom” enjoyed an old boogie with some guests.

Being in the hospital coupled with missing his wedding, the groom was expected to be devastated. However, he appeared to be in high spirits, as he left a comment underneath the post. He wrote:

“GROOM HERE! HUGE thank you to The Victorian. This is our third attempt at the ‘Covid’ wedding.”

The groom was not the only one in love with the sight of the video. Since the clip was shared, it has garnered almost a million views, half a million likes, and over five thousand comments.

One encouraging fan revealed that their wedding was a definition of “in sickness and in health” at its finest. Another netizen said she loved how the couple rolled with the punches and kept the joy.

A third user said the marriage would last because the lovebirds will always have something to laugh about during the bad times.

It is fantastic to see that despite not having the wedding of their dreams, the couple remained happy. Fans are excited for them and are optimistic that their union will last a lifetime.

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