Grieving Widow Finds First Son She and Her Husband Secretly Put Up for Adoption 3 Decades Ago

Thirty years passed before one mother found the baby she put up for adoption as a 17-year-old. She gave the child away along with her husband and kept it a secret — until recently. 

Janice Hoy and Earl Strong were not equipped to raise their unexpected firstborn, so they decided to give him up for adoption. It was painful to let him go, but Hoy told the baby she hoped he would find her one day. 

The couple got married and went on to have three children later in life. They never spoke of their firstborn, and Hoy never imagined she would tell the world about him.

Photo of a couple when they were teenagers [left] A woman and her sons, one whom she reunited with after 30 years [right] | Photo:

The mother wanted to look for him, but her husband urged her to wait until their youngest child was older. However, Hoy decided to register her name with the government in 2009. She wanted her son to find her if he was looking. 

Life went on, and the mother never heard from her long-lost son. In 2018, Strong sadly passed away and left Hoy devastated. The tragedy led her to seek out her son.

After filling some forms and working with an adoption consultant, she found him. Her son’s name was Kevin Ferguson, and he lived just 15 minutes away.

The mother sent him a message that read

“Hello, I’m your birth mother. I’ve been waiting my — your — whole life to hear from you. I hope you’ll text me back.”

Ferguson quickly responded and shared that he had longed for her message for years. He was curious about his biological family, and the pair decided to meet up. Hoy still needed to tell her other children that they had another brother. 

The boys reacted differently. Her youngest, Brody, was confused, while her middle son, Brock, was excited by the news. Her eldest son, Blake, took it the worst. He didn’t believe it was his father’s child. 


However, when everyone met for the first time, there was a special connection. They looked alike, and Blake could not believe how much Ferguson resembled their dad. 

“It just gave me this warm, fuzzy feeling in my belly, like, he belongs. This is a last parting gift from my dad to me.”

Finding Ferguson helped the family heal after they lost Strong. Hoy expressed: “It turned out to be one of the biggest loves of my life. He was the best thing I ever did. He’s a blessing.” 

She added that the missing piece in her heart was filled. Ferguson was equally thrilled to have gained new family members and for the opportunity to get to know them. 


In September last year, another mother, Melanie Pressley, shared how she found her son after three decades. She gave him up for adoption when she was 18 years old. Thankfully, a DNA test from 23andMe linked her with a potential genetic match.

Greg Vossler was the name she had been trying to find. She longed to reunite with him, and thanks to the test, she was able to. Pressley was grateful that her son also wanted to get to know her and make up for the lost time.  

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