Great-Grandmother Raising 6 Children on Her Own in Financial Trouble Cries When She Receives Help

A military widow in her 70s was taken aback when a group of kind strangers showed up at her door accompanied by her best friend. But as it later turned out, they weren’t just there to greet the elderly woman. 

When life presents us with trials and tribulations, either we can give up or fight with all our might to overcome them. However, surrendering in the face of adversity is not an option if we’re responsible for taking care of several other lives. 

At the same time, having someone who has our back and always means well for us is one of the most precious feelings in the world. An elderly woman from Las Vegas was lucky she had that person in her life who deeply loved and cared for her.

A teary-eyed Ella Setzler. | Photo: Las Vegas


72-year-old Ella Setzler lived with her six great-grandchildren as their sole caregiver. Even though it was challenging to look after so many children, the elderly lady believed it was all worth it. She also shared: 

“They mean so much to me, they’re my heart, I had to rescue them (sic).”

Setzler cooked and cleaned for them and gave them the best life possible to grow up to be responsible adults. But as a military widow, she was going through hard times. 

The FOX5 Surprise Squad arrives at Ella Setzler’s house, accompanied by her best friend, Alicestine Miller. | Photo: 5 Las Vegas

The great-grandmother’s income wasn’t sufficient to meet all the expenses of raising her six great-grandkids. In addition to paying for the house rent, car, utilities, and childcare bills, she also had an added worry on her shoulders. 

Setzler’s house looked gorgeous and ready for the holiday season, but the biggest surprise was yet to be unfolded.

There was a water leak in her home, and fixing it would cost her $900. Sadly, she didn’t have enough money to manage all the expenses and provide for her great-grandchildren. 

Setzler and Miller leaving to enjoy a full spa day. | Photo: Las Vegas

Luckily, the devoted great-grandma had a good friend in California who always watched over her like her guardian angel. Alicestine Miller was well aware of Setzler’s troubled conditions, so she decided to contact the “FOX5 Surprise Squad.” Miller wrote: 

“She’s [Setzler] hurting and I’m hurting ‘cos I can’t help her (sic).”

The FOX5 Surprise Squad is a group from FOX TV that accepts nominations for community members deserving of help. After hearing from Miller, the Surprise Squad showed up at Setzler’s door days before Christmas in 2018. 

The FOX5 Surprise Squad cleaned and redecorated Setzler’s house. | Photo: Las Vegas

Setzler’s emotions were all over when she spotted Miller, who had also accompanied the Surprise Squad members. The two best friends shared a warm hug. But that wasn’t all because the Squad had come bearing gifts. 

The “FOX5 Surprise Squad” told Setzler that the organizations Rebuilding Together Southern Nevada and Aqua Plumbing had agreed to fix her water issues free of cost. The elderly woman became teary-eyed and couldn’t believe what had happened.

Realizing the importance of self-care, the Surprise Crew gave Setzler and Miller a full spa day to feel pampered. A black limousine pulled up outside her house, taking the ladies away.

Christmas presents for Setzler’s great-grandchildren. | Photo: 5 Las Vegas

While the best friends enjoyed a spa day, the Surprise Squad began working diligently, giving a Christmas makeover to Setzler’s house. They brought in new furniture, cleaned everything, and gave the house a full-on festive vibe. 

Moreover, they also placed a Christmas tree, underneath which they scattered presents for Setzler’s great-grandchildren. They even offered $500 gift vouchers for each kid. When the two ladies came back, they were dumbfounded. 

Setzler’s house looked gorgeous and ready for the holiday season, but the biggest surprise was yet to be unfolded. The great-grandmother’s kindness inspired United Nissan so much that they offered to pay her house rent for one year. 

When Setzler’s great-grandkids arrived home, they couldn’t believe their eyes. They were happy to have experienced their very own Christmas miracle. One of her great-granddaughters also said:

“It’s not about presents. It’s about loving your family.”

The lovely great-grandma was truly deserving of this gesture of kindness, given everything she had done for her great-grandkids. She’s fortunate to have a lifelong companion like Miller, who helped make it all possible. What a heartwarming story!

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