Grandson Talks to Dying Grandmother While Visiting Her for the Last Time

A boy took it to Reddit after his grandmother asked him an unusual question on her deathbed. He kept thinking about it for a long time until he read the comments under his post. 

The Redditor revealed that the doctors had declared that his grandmother could live for a few more days, so the entire family went to meet her for the last time.

Everyone took their turns and sat with her. They talked to her about different things, trying not to make her feel sad. The boy also sat beside his ailing grandmother but was shocked when she asked him an unusual question. 

Despite being sick, the boy’s grandmother was aware of everything that was happening around her. He confessed he was shocked to see her joking with everyone on her deathbed. 

The boy sat with her, and they talked about various things. He felt sad for her but tried his best not to express his feelings in front of her. After the boy finished talking to her, she asked:

“Do you know who your real mother is?”

The boy was shocked to hear her question and thought he must have heard it wrong. Confused, he requested his grandmother to repeat her question.

His grandmother passed away a few days after the meeting, leaving the boy with an unsolved mystery

OP confessed he only knew one woman who was his mother. He was surprised to hear the same question from his grandmother after he asked her to repeat it.

Feeling baffled, he raised his head to look at his aunt, who was standing next to him. She immediately reminded the boy’s grandmother about who his mother was, to which she laughed and said:

“Oh yeah, I guess I know who your mother is too!”

The boy confessed that he was sure that his mother was his bio-mom and suspected that his grandmother assumed he was someone else from their family. 

He tried his best to make his grandmother understand that his mom was his birth mother. However, his grandmother passed away a few days after the meeting, leaving the boy with a mystery. He explained:

“I’m not sure I should pursue this any further with my family”

OP (Original Poster) believed that keeping it a secret would be better since he suspected his grandmother mistook him for someone else in the family. 

He believed discussing the matter with other family members wasn’t a good idea, and he wasn’t sure if he wanted to know who his grandmother was talking about. 

After thinking about the incident for some time, the boy decided to post his story on Reddit to ask other people if they had ever faced a “plot-twist moment” in their lives. 

sailorsara shared a funny incident in the comments section, saying that her grandfather had difficulty hearing, and it took the family time to convince him to wear a hearing aid.

One day, he received a call from someone saying, “Uncle John had died.” A few years later, when one of his cousins came over to meet him, he told him that he had missed John after his death. To his surprise, his cousin said that he had met John two weeks ago. The Redditor explained:

“Turns out my grampa misheard the phone call.”

She confessed that someone else in their family died, but they still don’t know who it was. Another Redditor named mlacey916 shared a plot twist moment from her life after her mother passed away battling breast cancer. 

The Reddit user revealed that she and her sister were IVF babies, and they didn’t know who their father was. After their mother’s untimely demise, their aunt adopted them, and since then, they have lived like a family.

Her life took a different turn when she discovered that her mother contacted an egg donor to have kids, and that woman was their aunt. The sisters were shocked to realize that their genetic mother had adopted them after their biological mother’s death. The Redditor explained:

“When I think about the sacrifices my two mom’s have made for me and my sister, it blows my mind.”

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