Granddaughter Defends Dying Old Man’s Last Wish Regarding Inheritance That Caused Family Rift

A 17-year-old girl took it to Reddit after her mother and sister disagreed with her ailing grandfather’s will. She asked other users if she had done the right thing by defending his last wish.

The girl revealed that her grandfather was diagnosed with cancer, and the doctors declared he had a year to live. She mentioned having a close bond with him, unlike her other siblings.

His will sparked an argument between the family members because they thought the distribution of his wealth wasn’t fair. However, the girl believed her grandfather did the right thing, considering how her siblings treated him.

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The girl has four siblings; a twin sister, a 26-year-old sister Lucy, a 33-year-old sister Emily and a 36-year-old brother Dan. She revealed that Dan and Emily didn’t keep in touch with her grandfather after their father died. She explained:

“As a result of this he no longer looks at them in the same light as the youngest 3”

OP (Original Poster), her twin, and Lucy always visited their grandfather and called him every week. He even sent Christmas gifts to all the grandchildren every year, but Dan and Emily refused to accept the presents. 

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The girl believed that her older siblings never made an effort to stay in touch with their grandfather because they felt he never wanted to stay connected.

She felt her older siblings deserved this treatment because of what they did in the past.

She confessed that she loved her grandfather so much that the thought of him dying scared her. She believed he was a kind person who deserved the best of everything.

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However, since the doctors said he didn’t have much time, he had started working on his will. When he disclosed how he would distribute his wealth, OP’s mother and Lucy objected to it.

His will stated that £15,000 each would go to OP, her twin, Lucy, and OP’s mother, which meant Dan and Emily wouldn’t get anything. OP’s mother felt that was unfair. 

She opened up to OP about it, telling her that she planned on dividing the money equally between all six of them, but OP disagreed. She believed it was wrong to go against her grandfather’s will because it was his money, and he had the right to decide where it went. 

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OP’s mother and Lucy argued with her, telling her that Dan and Emily would get hurt if they didn’t receive anything. But she felt her older siblings deserved this treatment because of what they did in the past. She explained:

“They made no effort to continue a relationship with him in the last 8 years, they shouldn’t expect to be in the will in the first place.”

Confused, the girl posted her story on Reddit to ask other people if she did the right thing by defending her grandfather’s will. Lost-Tea replied, saying she wasn’t at fault and that her mother and Lucy can’t take her share away from her. 

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Another user named cyanocittaetprocyon felt sorry for OP because she was going through a difficult time. The user suggested she stay with her grandfather and “continue to love and visit him.” AliceInWeirdoland replied:

“I think what the family is suggesting is that they distribute the money as it says in the will, then everyone pools it and gives part to the older siblings.”

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She believed that was a terrible idea since all of her siblings would have to pay inheritance taxes. super_common_name suggested that OP’s mother and Lucy could share their part with the other two siblings, to which AliceinWeirdoland replied:

“Yeah, I 100% agree with you that no one should pressure OP into giving up her inheritance.”

SlooperDoop pointed out that if OP doesn’t have a protected account, her mother can take her share because she is a minor. Other users also agreed and felt worried for OP. 

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Most users told OP she wasn’t at fault for defending her ailing grandfather’s will.

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