Grandad of 8 Leaves Family Laughing at His Own Funeral When He Pranks Them ‘From the Grave’

A Dublin man had the last laugh at his funeral, playing a prank that spooked attendees for a moment before realization struck. The prank had the desired effect, turning everyone’s tears into laughter.

Shay Bradley and his wife Anne Bradley spent almost their whole lives together, first as childhood friends and then as a couple married for 43 years. Throughout those years, the Dublin, Ireland man prioritized his wife, making it his sole aim to keep the smile on her face.

Even in death, the man remained determined to do just that, setting up a prank at his funeral to ensure she spent the day laughing rather than shedding tears. His approach to achieving that left everyone at the ceremony spooked yet amused.

clip from the funeral in October 2019 showed the grieving family surrounding Shay’s coffin as it was being lowered into the ground.

Just then, the man’s voice rang out from the casket as if struggling to let himself out. The prerecorded voice, punctuated by persistent knocking against the lid, echoed:

“Hello? Hello? Hello? Let me out!”

The voice was also heard asking where he was while complaining it was dark inside the box. After screaming several hilarious sentences, he finally admitted he was dead.

The Irish Defence Force Veteran proceeded to serenade the funeral attendees with a high-pitched song, sending everyone present into a giggling spree while wiping away tears.

More importantly, he achieved his goals, putting a smile on his wife’s face. Shay’s daughter, Andrea Bradley, divulged:

“He wanted to make sure my mom would be laughing leaving the cemetery, not crying. And he done just that.”

Andrea explained her dad hatched his plans about a year ago. He recorded the hilarious audio secretly while battling an ailment that would claim his life barely a year later.

The dad of four entrusted his son, Jonathan, with the audio, asking him to play it at his funeral as his final prank to the guests. Two days before the funeral, Jonathan let his mom and siblings in on the secret recording, stressing it was Shay’s dying wish.

Andrea explained her dad was always the prankster, and given his nature, he would be delighted to know how many people he sent laughing.

She shared the clip on Whatsapp. Before long, it spread across all social media platforms, easily gaining traction. Reacting to the clip posted on YouTube, a netizen wrote:

“Humor makes dark times better. This is beautiful, touching, and sad.”

Another YouTuber agreed, tagging the grandad of eight a legend for thinking of putting smiles on people’s faces even in his last days. One wrote:

“He must have been a very funny man during his life. We need more people like him. We need to be able to laugh at ourselves more.”

After a three-year battle, Shay died of cancer, leaving behind his four kids, eight grandchildren, and several nephews and nieces. He was laid to rest on October 12, 2019, at St. Kevin’s Church, Kilnamanagh.

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