Gordon Ramsay Is Fed Up With A TikTok Star’s Pizza Opinions

Gordon Ramsay unapologetically hates Hawaiian pizza. In 2017, he challenged followers to make 500 donations to the Nice Ormond Road Hospital in 48 hours (by way of Day by day Edge). If the hospital obtained that many donations, he agreed to eat pineapple pizza dwell on Fb. He went via with it and made a number of disparaging feedback concerning the pizza, together with “This isn’t a pizza this is a mistake,” and “The only thing Hawaiian on this board is the fact that I’d love to drop it in the ocean.”

The movie star chef nonetheless hates pineapple pizza to at the present time, and TikToker/YouTuber Preston Arsement obtained a harsh #ramsayreacts video due to it. “Pineapple does not belong on pizza, how many times do I have to tell you,” snapped Ramsay in his reply video. In Preston’s authentic video, he playfully edited collectively a couple of clips to make it appear to be Gordon Ramsay loved a pineapple pizza and jokingly claimed that “MasterChef” contestant Nick Digiovanni likes pineapple pizza. It is clear that Ramsay cannot be satisfied that the candy and salty concoction is scrumptious, so anybody who posts about having fun with it on TikTok higher be ready to face Ramsay’s wrath.

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