Good Samaritan Called ‘A Hero’ after Chasing Down Purse Snatcher Who Attacked an Elderly Woman

A purse snatcher thought he had gotten away with an elderly woman’s purse, but a good Samaritan had other ideas and chased him down. Get inside his heroic act. 

December 5, 2021, must have started as a normal day for 87-year-old Pat Goins. Unknown to her, the day had so much in store for her. 

At the end of the day, she became a victim of a purse snatcher and made a new friend, who displayed remarkable heroism to retrieve her purse from the thief in Deshawn Pressley. 

Pat Goins hugging her good samaritan, Deshawn Pressley | Photo:


On that day, Goins went shopping at Lemon Township Kroger. She was busy with what she had come to do when a 58-year-old man the police later identified as Derek Vaughn grabbed her purse and ran away.

Goins screamed for help after Vaughn made away with her purse. Her yells attracted the attention of shoppers, including Pressley. 

After hearing Goins’s cry for help, Pressley chased the thief who had stolen her purse. A video posted by WLWT on YouTube showed the moment Pressley chased Vaughn and caught up with him in Kroger’s parking lot.  

After catching up with Vaughn, the courageous Pressley wrestled and pinned him to the ground. Other customers arrived at the scene, and one of them retrieved the stolen purse and returned it to Goins.

Pressley and other good Samaritans held Vaughn until the police arrived at the scene. While chatting with WLWT, Goins had tough words for the thief. She said:

“I was a little bit hurt to think that somebody would do that. I told him [Vaughn], I pointed at him and said, ‘You know if you needed something, all you had to do was ask.'”

Pressley’s heroism did not go unnoticed. Last Thursday, Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones presented him with the Citizen’s Award. A grateful Goins attended the award ceremony and posed for snaps with Pressley, who embraced her lovingly. 

Jones remarked that Pressley made the community and the entire country proud with his heroic act. Goins also said she was glad Pressley received the honor because he is her hero. 


During the award ceremony, Pressley fielded questions from reporters and recounted the events of December 5. He revealed he was with his one-year-old daughter when he chatted with Goins.

A netizen’s comment on the Youtube post | Photo:

It was after leaving her that Vaughn snatched her purse and ran away. Pressley said he heard Goins screaming and yelling for help. He added

“And I just turned around and did what I needed to do as a citizen.”

A reporter asked Pressley if Vaughn was surprised to see him chasing after him. Pressley replied that the thief was indeed surprised. He narrated that Vaughn was running and looking back all the time, but he (Pressley) kept chasing him, knowing he would catch up with him eventually. 

A netizen’s comment on the Youtube post | Photo:

Pressley also revealed that his grandma, who raised him after his mom died, taught him to always help others. He said, “She did very good by me. It was good that she taught me what she taught me, and I’m thankful for her.”

Pressley urged people to be nice to others, especially the elderly. The good Samaritan also has a new friend in Goins. Pressley and Goins said they would remain in touch after the award ceremony. Goins even revealed they had a dinner date. Admittedly, that is a good ending to a remarkable story. 

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