Girl Writes a Letter to Santa Asking for a Wheelchair for Her Neighbor, 58, So He Can Visit Her

A little girl made a special request to Santa for Christmas. Instead of asking him for toys, she asked for a wheelchair for her neighbor, who lost movement in his legs three years ago and couldn’t leave his house to play with her.

Children have a special connection with Saint Nick. Following in the tradition every year, kids pen heartfelt letters to Kris Kringle, hoping he’ll grant all their wishes. 

A six-year-old girl did the same when sharing her Christmas wish list with Saint Nicholas. But her request was unusual for a kid of her age and left a lasting impression on her loved ones.

Emanuelly da Luz Rodrigues with Ito Moreto. [Left] Emanuelly’s letter to Santa. [Right] | Photo: |

Emanuelly da Luz Rodrigues was wise beyond years. She lived in Manoel Ribas, in the central region of Paraná, southern Brazil. Three years ago, she forged an unexpected friendship with someone who was fifty years older than her.

It turned out, Emanuelly was friends with her neighbor, Ito Moreto. Ito suffered a horrendous accident in 2018, which changed his life drastically. A carer took care of him, tending to his daily needs, including taking him out on the porch every morning. 

The little girl ran into her elderly neighbor on one such day, and surprisingly, they became buddies. Emanuelly often took her toys along, and Ito profoundly cherished her company.

Emanuel da Luz Rodrigues. | Photo:

Being an unusual kid, Emanuelly understood the spirit of Christmas so deeply that she decided to help her friend. It was then that she thought of writing a letter to Saint Nick, but instead of asking him for toys or chocolates, she did something completely different. 

Emanuelly’s empathetic gesture was recognized by her school teachers and Ito’s 73-year-old mother.

Emanuelly made her request in the form of a colorful drawing. She drew a motorized wheelchair on paper for her neighbor and friend, Ito, who lost movement in his legs and hands three years ago. 

Emanuelly in her interview with NH Notícias. | Photo:

Emanuelly left the letter to her good old neighbor in her mailbox, and soon, everyone discovered her heartwarming gesture. Ito shared his sentiments in these words:

“What she did is beautiful, I don’t even have words. She’s so small, but it came from her, I don’t even have words.”

When asked what made her write the letter to Santa, Emanuelly replied that she could always ask Father Christmas for presents. She wanted Ito to have a wheelchair to leave the house and go down the street for a change.


Emanuelly added that she wished for her elderly friend to visit her and play with her, so she asked for a better chair for him. Her heartfelt request also moved her mother, Letícia da Luz Vieira, who expressed:

“We were surprised, it’s very nice to see her attitude. She alone decided to make the request to Santa Claus for the wheelchair.

Her mom told her that because the wheelchair was too heavy, Santa might not deliver it on Christmas. To fulfill their daughter’s sweet wish, her family started a campaign to raise funds, and several community members recognized their efforts.

But that wasn’t all. Emanuelly’s empathetic gesture was recognized by her school teachers and Ito’s 73-year-old mother. Letícia explained that her daughter’s goal of buying a wheelchair for Ito would take some time to be realized.

However, she was glad that her little girl had a heart that deeply felt and cared for others. We second little Emanuelly’s warm gesture for her elderly friend. Her kind act embodies the true spirit of the holiday season. Way to go, little angel! 

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