Girl Wakes up after 30-Foot Fall Cured from Lifelong Illness and Claiming She Went to Heaven

Jennifer Garner’s “Miracles From Heaven” was widely accepted by people of faith but also drew questions from others. However, not many people know that the movie was inspired by a real event.

There have been several debates about the afterlife amongst the many sects of beliefs. A then-9-year-old Annabel shocked the world when she said she went to heaven and sat on the laps of Jesus.

Her story would have easily been dismissed; however, the circumstance surrounding the event led doctors to believe she had experienced a miracle.

Annabel in an interview [left], Annabel and her family [right] | Photo


Christy Beam and her family struggled with the sickness of their little daughter, Annabel, who had to endure endless pain. Annabel suffered from an incurable illness that made eating a difficult experience for her.

As a result, she had to rely heavily on fluids and painkillers. Annabel had to lie on the couch in a fetal position with a heating pad on her stomach. She was given several medications to help her system work as best as it could.

Her health struggle took its toll on the family, and at some point, the little Annabel got fed up and said she wanted to die and go to heaven where she would be free from her pain.

Her family had visited the hospital nine times with no success, and things only worsened. Annabel and her siblings were playing outside one day in 2011 when she suffered a 30ft fall which doctors believed should have left her paralyzed.

The family called the emergency service, which then rushed to the scene to rescue the little girl. Annabel was down the hollowed-out tree for about five hours, during which she slipped in and out of consciousness.

By the time she was rescued, Annabel surprisingly only sustained a few bruises and nothing more. She was not traumatized, nor did she have any mental repercussions.

A series of tests were carried out, and it was discovered that Annabel’s digestive condition was healed. She did not only come out of the fall alive; she emerged cured of a disease that was considered incurable.

While everyone was trying to grasp what had just happened, Annabel gave them something harder to comprehend. During a drive home, she told her mom that she had seen Jesus during her fall into the tree.

Annabel said she saw a little girl that looked like her and her siblings during her short stint in heaven. Christy was dumbfounded upon hearing that. She suffered a miscarriage some years back and believed Annabel must have seen the baby while in heaven.

Annabel said Jesus looked somewhat like Santa Claus with a long beard and dark skin. Christy later wrote a book where she documented the experience. However, she is very protective of Annabel and tries to shield her from the public.

Annabel’s story formed the inspiration for the 2016 Christian movie, “Miracles From Heaven,” featuring Jennifer Garner as Christy. At the time, the actress was going through her divorce from Ben Affleck.

Garner said the movie helped her gain strength and find her conviction. She forged a strong bond with Annabel and Christy and described the family as strong and courageous.

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