Girl Takes a DNA Ancestry Test, Father Thinks the Results Were a Mistake, So He Took the Test Himself

A man’s daughter wanted to take an ancestry test as part of her school project. Seeing the results made him realize something was not right. His daughter’s ancestry breakdown was nowhere near his.

The man opened up on Reddit after seeing the results. He expected his daughter’s ancestry breakdown to have some percentage of Native American since his father was half Native American.

However, the results depicted his daughter had no Native American blood. He first thought it was a mistake but later realized the test results hinted towards a secret. 

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The Redditor with the username Used-Ad-7300 shared his story publicly because he believed doing so would help him accept what was happening in his life. It all started when her 15-year-old daughter was attending her online class.

Her school project included building a family tree, so she asked her father to get an ancestry DNA test. OP (Original Poster) happily agreed and took his daughter for the test.

He had told his daughter that his father was half Native American, so she should expect some percentage of it in her test results. However, his daughter didn’t see any Native American matches. She told OP about it before approaching her mother.

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At first, OP thought it was a mistake. Then he assumed his late father wasn’t Native American. He decided to take the test himself to clear the confusion. 

She chose to marry OP out of all the men in her life because of his financial status.

The test results came as a shock to OP and his daughter. They depicted that OP’s father was half Native American, but his daughter’s ancestry breakdown didn’t match his. He soon realized she was possibly someone else’s daughter, and there was only one person who could tell him the truth.

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OP and his daughter went home after an emotional episode full of tears and hugs. His daughter repeatedly told him how much she loved him while he couldn’t wrap his head around the test results. 

He confronted his wife as soon as he reached home, and her expression told the entire story. She broke into tears and apologized to OP for what happened in the past. He explained:

“We had been together for more than a year when it happened. It turns out she was sleeping with multiple guys at the time.”

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OP married his wife because he believed she was pregnant with their child. However, his wife knew the child belonged to someone else. She chose to marry OP out of all the men in her life because of his financial status.

While confessing what she did, OP’s wife assured him she never cheated on him after their marriage. However, he told her he didn’t believe her, but he couldn’t think of anything suspicious that hinted towards an extramarital affair. He explained:

“I’ve come across a lot of the ‘red flags’ of cheaters and I can’t think of any of them during our marriage.”

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OP also shared how his daughter reacted to the entire situation. Since Christmas was near, she asked her mother to leave the house because she wanted to spend the holidays with her “real family.”

She also told her father she wanted to live with him in the event that they decide to get a divorce. OP explained how his daughter felt about her mother:

“Whenever my wife tries to talk to her, my daughter yells and swears and cries like I have never seen.”

While he wrote his Reddit post, his wife was preparing to leave for her parents’ place. They had decided to talk about the next steps after the holidays. 

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Among the comments that flooded OP’s post, broke_reflection pointed out that OP might have been his daughter’s biological father because the ancestry tests sometimes don’t match the grandparents’ ancestry. The user suggested OP take a separate DNA test.

They also suggested that OP and his daughter go for therapy because they believed she was going towards a “destructive path.” Another user named miramar27 asked OP to take a paternity test for confirmation.

The user shared that her ancestry test results also didn’t match her grandparents’, but it turned out she was her father’s biological child. She believed OP’s situation was similar.

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OP read the comments and updated his post, saying he had taken a proper DNA test before confronting his wife, but he forgot to write about it. He also assured:

“I have made it clear in no uncertain terms that she is my daughter and I am her father regardless of the situation.”

Most users felt sorry for OP and asked him to stay with his daughter. He updated his post and assured everyone that he wouldn’t leave her.

OP read the comments and updated his post | Source: Unsplash

Would you give your wife another chance if you were OP?

OP refused to give his wife another chance because he felt betrayed since she knew the child wasn’t his since the first day. However, some people would consider giving her another chance because she remained faithful to him after marriage. 

How would you tackle your daughter’s anger if you were OP?

After discovering the truth, OP’s daughter resented her mother, and OP didn’t do much about it. Would you advise OP to talk to his daughter after her anger cools down and explain to her the importance of her relationship with her mother? Or would you allow her to cut ties with her mother as she intends?

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