Girl Pretends She Has Cancer and Collects Money for Treatment, Her Sibling Exposed Her Deception

A man went out to dine with his mom and sister. That night, he accidentally heard his sister say she had cancer and decided to know if she told the truth. 

Redditor nuhuh_she_doest wasn’t new to seeing people undergoing chemo for cancer treatment. As a kid, he’d seen a schoolmate diagnosed with Leukemia. She’d lost all her hair and was exempted from the schools’ no-hat policy. She even had a fundraiser set up at school.

Fast forward to a few years, the Original Poster (OP) landed in college and moved out of his hometown. His sister seemingly didn’t want to attend college and stayed back with their mom. When he arrived home on a Christmas break, he saw his sister’s head was shaven.

The OP knew his sister as being overly dramatic. He decided not to ask her anything and pretended he didn’t notice anything. He explained:

“Well, not super surprised because she likes to create drama and has done plenty of things like that before.”

One night, he accompanied his sister and mom out for dinner. They occupied a booth when a kid from the neighboring booth poked on his sister’s head and curiously said, “Why don’t you have any hair?” Her response jolted him.

The kid’s parents grabbed her and apologized to the OP’s sister. But his sister said it was fine and explained how people treated for cancer lose their hair because of chemo. The OP added:

“The kid’s parents apologized and offered to buy our dinner. Then the kid pipes up again, “Why do you still have eyebrows?”

The parents apologized to his sister again and left after settling their bills. The OP was puzzled and looked at their mom, who pretended she didn’t notice anything.

He asked his sister if she had cancer. But she responded by saying she intended to support people with cancer. The OP was frustrated and asked her if she had cancer herself, and the answer was downright ‘NO.’ He explained:

“That night, she shaved off her eyebrows. OK, she can shave off her hair if she wants. But yesterday, I was chatting on Discord with an old friend from my hometown, and he asked me how my sister was doing.”

He was shocked as his sister’s dramatic cancer story had spread like wildfire. The worst part was nobody knew she was pretending. The OP responded sarcastically but soon came under fire when his friend asked: “How can you be so mean when she has cancer?”

The OP later found out that his sister had lied to people about her cancer diagnosis and requested donations. He claimed it was untrue but realized the ugly truth after his friend sent him the GoFundMe link.

The OP became restless, particularly when people told him his sister could land in jail.

The Redditor immediately reached out to his mom and confirmed his sister faked cancer. He decided not to let her trick anyone in town and planned on warning people not to donate. He turned to social media to seek guidance and received an overwhelming response.

Several users suggested he report the online fundraiser and the cops. Redditor readingwindow advised the OP to inform his sister that he’d already reported to GoFundMe, and added:

“Then tell her the next step is to call the cops unless the sister makes reparations with her fraud victims, including an apology, and seeks therapy.”

The OP became restless, particularly when people told him his sister could end up in jail. He reached out to his dad and told him everything. The outcome was even more thrilling.

His sister had previously asked their dad for money to fund her college books and tuition. He’d sent her whatever he could afford, unaware that she’d defrauded him too.

He was enraged and told the OP that he would reach out to his sister right away. The OP claimed he didn’t know what they spoke about and that his sister’s GoFundMe was taken down immediately.

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