Girl Meets Homeless Man Named Tim Watson, Next Day She Sees This Name in Her Granny’s Diary — Story of the Day

A homeless man received favor from a nice girl, and the following day, she sees his name in her late grandmother’s diary — who was he to her? 

It was a cold morning in December, and 16-year-old Diana was walking home from school with her other friends. Diana was popular among her peers because of her stunning beauty, kindness, and sincerity. She was the only child of her parents, both of whom loved her very much. 

That fateful morning, as she walked with her friends, Diana noticed a homeless man begging for alms near the supermarket close to her home. 

Tim Watson was homeless and begging for alms near the supermarket | Source: Shutterstock

The man sat huddled against the wall of the supermarket, and he held a tin can in his hands. It was obvious that the man had been waiting there for a long time because snow had settled on his body, but he remained unmoving. 

It was her first time seeing a homeless person in her small town, so Diana felt very strongly about helping him. “You guys go on ahead,” she told her friends. “I’ll see you tomorrow.” 

Ignoring her friends’ complaints, she ran to a coffee shop near the supermarket and bought tea and some sandwiches for the man. 

“Thank you,” he said in a voice that somehow seemed familiar to Diana even though she knew he had never crossed paths with her before. 

She watched him wolf down the food and decided that she wanted to do more for him. After thinking about how else to help, the good girl set her sights on her late grandparents’ home.

It was a short distance from where she was, and she knew that no one was living there because her grandparents had died a year before. Diana went there and took some warm clothes and blankets for the homeless man, who was very grateful. 

“I could never have imagined that I’d meet an angel like you, thank you for the help you’ve provided. My name is Tim Watson,” he said in a gravelly voice. 

It was Diana’s first time seeing a homeless person in her small town, so she felt very strongly about helping him | Source: Shutterstock

“Oh, that’s fine, I’m glad I could help,” she replied happily. “My name is Diana.” 

As they spoke, she noticed that his hands were freezing because he kept rubbing them together and sticking them under his clothes. “I’ll be sure to bring you some gloves tomorrow,” she promised him before her departure. 

The following day, Diana rushed to her grandparents’ home again to get the gloves. She searched everywhere but did not find them until she looked in the attic. 

There, she found several pairs of gloves, from which she selected one. She also found her grandmother’s diary. It was a small book with a drawing of her granny’s favorite flower on the cover. 

Diana took the diary along with the gloves which she delivered to Tim, who looked much better thanks to the warm clothes she had given him. 

When she returned home, she started to read the diary; it contained several entries, but because she felt like she was intruding, she stopped.

Instead, she thumbed through the pages until she reached the last one, where she found a secret pocket containing several torn pages and a picture. 

When Diana returned home, she started to read her granny’s diary which contained several entries. | Source: Shutterstock

There was the following text on one of the torn pages: “Tim chose his career over me. Today he said that he is going to move to another state because he was offered a position he has been dreaming about his whole life. I love him and I understand everything… That is why I didn’t tell him about the pregnancy. If I do, he will definitely stay with me against his will, so I decided that I will raise my child alone.” 

Hoping that the picture would shed more light on who Tim was, she picked it up and examined it. It featured her grandmother as a young woman posing with a young man who, she realized, looked very much like the beggar she saw the day before!

At the back of the photo, she found the handwriting of her Grandma — “Me and Tim Watson. 1967.” 

“This can’t be,” she said to herself as her hands trembled with excitement. 

She picked up the other pages and started reading to get more answers. It contained more details of her granny’s relationship with Tim. 

Diana was shocked by her discovery, and she quickly brought the photo and torn pages to her mother, who was making dinner in the kitchen. 

“Mom, look what I found in Granny’s house,” she said. 

“You were there?” her mother asked. 

“I stopped by briefly to pick up something and found her diary, and mom, there’s something I think you need to see.” 

After reading everything in the diary, Diana’s mother walked over to a chair and collapsed on it | Source: Pexels

At the urgency in her tone, her mom left the sauce she was preparing and walked over to see what she had. After reading everything, Diana’s mother walked over to a chair and collapsed on it. 

She had just realized that the man who had raised her with love was not her natural father and her daughter’s grandfather.  The woman was saddened because the man died before she could thank him for raising her without prejudice. 

The next day, Diana and her mother found Tim, and they explained to him what happened after showing him the picture. 

“Oh my love,” he cried. “She was right, I would never have left — I should never have left.”

Tim revealed to Diana and her mom that his leaving was the worst decision he had ever made because he had been fired from his position shortly after he resumed work after getting framed for something he didn’t do. The company also made sure he would be blacklisted so no other company would hire him. 

“I should have returned, but I learned she was married with kids and I just decided to stay away, especially since I failed out there,” Tim said sadly. 

Diana and her mother took Tim to their home, and he started living with them, thankful to be reunited with his daughter, who reminded him very much of his late lover. 

Diana and her mother took Tim to their home, and he started living with them, thankful to be reunited with his daughter | Source: Pexels

What did we gain from this story? 

  • Selflessness is a form of love. Diana’s grandmother knew that Tim would stay back if he found out about the baby, so she kept her pregnancy from him even though she knew it would not be easy to raise her daughter alone. She wanted him to pursue his dreams, and all she could do to help him was keep quiet. 
  • Ambition is good but never forget your loved ones. Tim chose his career over his lover, but unknown to him, the position he was offered was not worth what he lost. He was able to reunite with his daughter, but all the time he lost will never be reclaimed. 

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