Girl Dying of Cancer Gets One Last Moment of Joy When Santa Visits 2 Days before She Dies

The McCallum family was left in a state of mourning after they lost their little girl, Bella, to cancer. But before she died, Bella experienced one last moment of joy.

A terminally ill five-year-old girl, Bella McCallum, got to experience one last moment of joy before her demise, as she got a special visit from Father Christmas. 

The little girl was curled up in her mother’s arms and surrounded by her sister and father when Santa Claus came visiting. Charity make-a-wish, supported this year by Mirror Christmas Appeal, brought the Holidays spirit forward for the family.

Bella McCallum with her sibling and Santa Claus [left Bella McCallum and her mom [right]| Photo:

The foundation was aware that little Bella was gravely ill and would not make it to December 25. So it made one of the most thoughtful gestures ever, which gave the ailing child one last chance at happiness.

Bella had been in pain for several months, and her eyesight was failing, but an early Christmas visit from Santa was just enough to get her spirits lifted again. 

The little girl’s health challenges began in 2016. Bella always appeared fine during the day, but at night, she struggled to sleep. Breathing had become difficult, and Bella’s parents had to take her to the hospital.

However, after several meetings with the doctor, nothing seemed to be wrong. Finally, in January 2017, Bella’s parents got the most distraught news — there was a tumor in their daughter’s lungs.

As soon as possible, Bella began chemotherapy and radiotherapy, which made her better. Sadly, things got worse in April 2019 when she had a stroke and was diagnosed with a brain tumor. 

Bella’s family had to live with the fact that nothing could be done for their little girl.

As days passed, Bella’s health deteriorated. Although the tumor was removed, some cancer cells were still left in her brain. So she started chemotherapy again, but after three months, she stopped as nothing was improving.

Bella’s family had to live with the fact that nothing could be done for their little girl. All the little girl’s parents dreamed of was spending one more Christmas together as a family.

The parents got their wish granted, and it was a priceless moment. Becca McCallum, Bella’s mom, revealed that Santa Claus gave her daughter a key with bells.

According to the emotional mother, Bella lost her sight, but she could hear Santa. After he left, the happy child continued shaking the bells, and Becca described that moment as “really magical” and something worth being grateful for.

Sadly, two days after Santa’s visit on September 16, 2019, Bella passed away. It was a very heartbreaking time for Becca, her husband, Craig, and their daughter Madison, who was by her sister’s side at the time of her demise.

However, the child’s mother explained that the experience eased the last days of Bella’s life. According to Becca, it allowed all the family members to be together and surround her with love.

In March 2021, a fundraiser was raised for a charity named “Young Lives vs. Cancer” in honor of Bella. The family of the late child also organized a 500,000 steps in March challenge to honor CLIC Sargent for being of great help to the family.

Although Bella is not alive anymore, it is a joy to know that she is still being remembered and celebrated for being a cheerful girl and a source of happiness to her family.

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