Girl Claims to Have Been in the “Afterlife” When Her Heart Stopped Three Times

A girl’s heart stopped beating, and she was almost declared dead. She miraculously awakened from her deathbed and told her parents she met her late relatives in Heaven.

What does “Afterlife” look like, and how does it feel to be there? Some people who’ve awakened from comas have even claimed to have journeyed to the hereafter. However, Redditor amyrebeccaa experienced something different altogether when her heart stopped beating the third time.

The Original Poster (OP) was regarded as a miracle child in the family. She spent most of her childhood back and forth hospital visitations because of the severity of her illness. At around three, she was diagnosed with an infection in the brain, and the doctors declared she wouldn’t make it.

The OP had continuous seizures, and her condition worsened with time. Her parents lost hope and accepted defeat while transporting her to another hospital. She explained:

“My siblings were brought in to say goodbye…They were told they’d never see me again.”

She was hurried to the hospital in an ambulance, and on the way, her heart stopped beating thrice. At the third, everybody assumed they’d lost her.

The last few minutes of struggle had everyone conclude that it was over. Luckily, the OP was brought back to life. However, the doctors had a piece of bad news for her parents. She added:

“My parents were told I had a 50/50 chance. But that if I lived, I would be in a vegetative state. I was neither and managed to come out of it…The doctors said they never saw someone come out of what I did.”

The OP’s sudden recovery baffled everyone. One day, she rummaged through the old family photos and pointed out a grandma in the picture. The weird part was that the grandma had died years before the OP’s birth.

“There’s nanny Collin’s,” the OP exclaimed, leaving everyone terrified. She’d never seen her gran’s pictures before, and there was no way she would recognize her. The family was curious and pressed her for more details. She explained:

“They ask me, how do you know that? And I reply, “I was up in her house playing with Ann.” They ask, my cousin Annie who is of my age? I tell them no, not Annie, Ann. At this point, they freaked out.”

The OP’s cousin Annie was named after her late aunt Ann who died 30 years ago. She told them that her nanny had asked her to be with her parents, and it wasn’t her time yet to stay there. The family was stunned. After reading her story, several users shared similar experiences.

Redditor SoWoke1130 responded in the thread, saying: “When I was a child, a man would stand at the end of my bed. He wore bib overalls…denim.” The user often hugged his teddy bear tight and thought it was the only way to feel safe.

He called the soft toy “Tommy,” a random name he’d chosen back then. Years later, the Redditor spotted a man identical to the guy he’d seen as a child while rummaging through old family photos. He told his dad, but the response he got startled him. He added:

“I told my dad, “That’s him! That’s the man that watches me.” My Dad said, “That was your grandpa Tommy. He died right after you were born, and just before he died, he said he would always watch over you.”

User ImVinnyBee shared a similar experience with his late grandfather, who passed away when he was four. He supposedly vanished into thin air two days after his grandpa’s accident. The user explained:

“After searching the 15 acres of property, they saw me running up out of the woods behind my house…I started giggling and said, “I didn’t do anything wrong…I was only talking to Grandpa!”

The Redditor claimed he still talked to his grandfather whenever he felt low and received guidance during challenging times over the years. The OP thanked the Redditor for sharing his experience. Meanwhile, she believed her grandmother supported her during her tough childhood years too.

She would often go to her gran’s grave and converse with her. She later claimed her grandma stopped showing up to her when she was old enough to remember her miraculous encounters.

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