Girl Cannot Stop Crying after Opening Birthday Gift and Finding Out She Now Has a Mother

A young girl was moved to tears when her birthday party turned into an adoption celebration. When she opened the bag containing her presents, she found a necklace, an adorable stuffed toy, and also a heartwarming message.  

Birthdays are cherished by children and adults alike, and the excitement of receiving and opening birthday gifts has its own charm. Oftentimes, people who know us well surprise us with the most incredible birthday presents. 

Something similar happened to a girl named Haley, who had no idea what was hiding in her gift bag until she made the shocking discovery that changed her life forever. 

For her birthday party in 2017, Haley was asked to take a few moments to sit down and open her gifts. Her stepmother, Brigitte, sat down beside her and gave her a bag that was filled with many items. 

Haley opened the bag and found an adorable stuffed animal from Build-A-Bear Workshop. She was indeed delighted to receive such a warm and furry present, but there was still more that she hadn’t seen yet. 

Her second present was a gorgeous necklace that had a heartfelt inscription on it. The necklace was a thoughtful gift in itself, as it had the words, “My daughter holds my heart,” written on it. 

Surprisingly enough, there was still something that Haley was yet to find. Her stepmom had saved the most special and heart-touching gift for last. Brigitte handed over the stuffed animal’s birth certificate to Haley, who then began reading it out loud:

“It is in the best interest of Haley that this child should be adopted by her stepmother … It is in the best interest of Haley that the name of the child is to remain the same (sic).”

As it turned out, Build-A-Bear Workshop was popular for preparing special birth certificates for stuffed toys. In the case of Haley, the birth certificate was even memorable because it contained a message from her stepmom.

Haley continued reading the message on the birth certificate, which said that her stepmom’s petition for adoption had been granted. She stopped after reading the words: 

“Haley shall, thereafter, and have all the rights (sic)…”

The young girl couldn’t control her emotions any longer and started crying. Her stepmom then gave her a tender hug, and the two melted in each other’s warm embrace. The tear-jerking moments were captured in a viral YouTube clip.

Haley was very attached to Brigitte, whom she referred to as her “Super Mom.” Brigitte, who has two daughters and is adopting for the second time, revealed how long the process of applying for Haley’s custody had been. 

While she didn’t see it all coming, Haley was delighted to have her birthday party turn into an adoption celebration, and we only hope she gets to live an amazing life ahead. 

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