Girl Abandons Adoptive Parents and Returns to Bio Family, Later Asks Them to Take Her Back

A woman posted her adopted sister’s story on Reddit and discussed how she behaved with the family. She also shared a recent incident where they got into a bitter argument.

The Redditor shared how her parents took care of her adopted sister and never treated her differently, but was hurt by her recent behavior. 

She believed her adopted sister’s attitude was unreasonable and needed to change. The Redditor found it hard to accept when her adopted sister changed her habits. 

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The 30-year-old Reddit user named Busy-Vegetable2432 has three biological siblings and an adopted sister, Becky, a year older than her. Becky’s birth mother was her mother’s cousin. 

OP (Original Poster) revealed that Becky’s parents who were addicts didn’t take responsibility for her and abandoned her at their house when she was five weeks old. OP’s family tried to convince Becky’s parents to take her back, but they refused.

The Redditor believed that Becky’s family abandoned her because they didn’t want to raise a child with medical issues. She also mentioned that Becky was born out of wedlock, so they refused to care for her. 

Becky’s parents abandoned her | Source: Unsplash

Fortunately for Becky, OP’s parents loved her like their own child. They took care of her and supported her, allowing her to beat all odds and live a healthy life.

While living away from the family, Becky married a man without informing anyone.

“Everything was perfect,” confessed OP while discussing growing up with her adopted sister. Her parents never hid that she was adopted and encouraged their kids to learn about her heritage. 

OP’s parents loved Becky unconditionally | Source: Unsplash

Things took a different turn when Becky’s biological parents reached out to her when she was 22. They said they wanted to have a relationship with her, and Becky agreed.

However, while building a relationship with her birth parents, she started to resent OP’s parents believing they were at fault for keeping her away from her biological family. OP explained:

“In the space of a few months she became a different person”

Becky received messages from her birth parents | Source: Pexels

OP’s parents had gifted every child €20,000 after they graduated college. Becky took the money and texted her adoptive parents never to contact her again or else she would file a restraining order. 

While living away from the family, Becky married a man without informing anyone. However, when her parents passed away one after the other, she decided to go back to her adoptive family.

OP’s parents welcomed her because they loved her unconditionally, but OP couldn’t do the same. Her bitter feelings came out when she recently met Becky at a family dinner.

Becky got married without telling anyone | Source: Pexels

OP wanted her family to meet her son, who she gave birth to via IVF. She told her family about the struggles of trying for a baby for six years and then going for IVF. She also shared her plans of trying for another baby naturally.

Becky asked OP why she wasn’t considering adoption as an option since so many children were waiting to be adopted. OP replied:

“Honestly we thought about it but after all the [expletive] you pulled I’m afraid you’re the reason i will never adopt.”

Becky and OP yelled at each other | Source: Pexels

This infuriated Becky who yelled at OP while her mother told her she shouldn’t speak to her sister rudely. OP’s siblings believed she did the right thing, while her parents thought otherwise. 

After reading OP’s post on Reddit, other users shared their views. tsh87 believed OP’s family needed to sit down and talk about multiple things, including what Becky’s parents told her about the adoption and whether they were correct or not.

The user agreed that OP was not at fault and wondered why Becky had decided to leave the people who raised her. She believed OP’s parents and Becky needed to open up about their feelings. 

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Another user named FrootLoop47 suspected Becky’s biological parents had lied to her about abandoning her. She felt Becky’s parents must have made up the lies to cover their mistakes and had started believing them over the years. 

A Redditor who worked in Foster care tried explaining Becky’s behavior saying she must have developed insecurities regarding her family. They suspected Becky abandoned her adoptive family to show that her birth parents loved her. 

Most users sided with OP’ assuring her that she didn’t do anything wrong. They believed Becky was at fault for leaving her adoptive parents. 

Other users read her post and suggested what to do next | Source: Unsplash

Do you think OP’s parents should have forgiven Becky?

Becky ghosted her adoptive family without explanation, but her parents chose to forgive her. However, if they didn’t welcome her back in their lives, things would have turned out to be different. Some people might agree that OP’s parents should have told Becky to stay out of their lives after what she did, while others might argue they did the right thing by forgiving her. 

If you were OP, would you prefer talking to Becky about her choices instead of yelling at her?

Some people might agree that OP could have handled the situation better by talking to Becky about why she left the family. Doing so would have prevented OP and Becky from getting into a heated argument resulting in the family dividing into two sides. 

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