Georg Stanford Brown Was ‘Made Aware’ That He Was Married to ‘A White Woman’ All the Time

Georg Stanford Brown and Tyne Daly were considered one of the most inspirational couples. Not only was their love for each other genuine, but the pair also stood together against all opposition that came with being an interracial couple. 

Georg Stanford Brown is popularly known as an American actor and director. He was born on June 24, 1943, in Havana, Cuba.

He has been working in the entertainment industry since the mid-1960s. Brown has acting credits in movies such as “Bullitt,” “The Bold One: The Lawyers,” and “The Comedians.”

Brown’s career reached a tremendous height in 1972 when he played the role of Officer Terry Webster in “The Rookies.” He was one of the main characters in the show until production canceled it four years later.

The renowned actor is also famous for his character as Tom Harvey in “Roots” and its sequel, “The Next Generations.” He is only one of the two actors who portrayed the same character in both shows. 

Brown, considered as one of the busiest people in the 1980s, also has some directorial credits. The icon got the opportunity to direct episodes of “Charlie’s Angels” and television films such as “Hardcastle And McCormick,” “Scarecrow And Mrs. King,” and “Mississippi.”

Professionally, Brown attained impressive fame and fortune. However, his personal life away from the camera was filled with controversies.

One of such occurrences that got the media talking was his marriage to five-time Emmy Award Winner and well-known Actress Tyne Daly.

Born on February 21, 1946, Tyne is mostly known for her role as Mary Beth Lacy, married and working mother, in “Cagney & Lacey.”

She also played Alice Henderson in “Christy,” Maxine Gray in “Judging Amy,” and Anne Marie Hoag in Marvel Studios’s “Spiderman: Homecoming.”

Although Brown and Tyne are not together anymore, they set an example for interracial couples.


When Brown and Tyne tied the knot in the 1960s, interracial marriage was considered taboo and punishable by the law. However, the laws were not enough to keep them away from each other, and the pair were ready to conquer the battle together.

Some of these laws originated in the seventeenth century when those in power developed slavery and antimiscegenation legislation.

For Brown and his wife, nothing was going to inhibit their love. So no matter what they faced, they took on the challenge and stayed married for more than twenty years.

Brown and Tyne first met at American Musical and Dramatic Academy. The pair were very different in every sense of the word — racially and in their backgrounds.

The actress hails from a rich home. She is the daughter of the late famous actor, James Daly. On the other hand, Brown came from a poor home. At the time of their meeting, the actor could barely pay his bills.

He struggled to foot his tuition fees by working as the Academy janitor. Yet, despite his background, Brown knew he was destined for great things. He had been exposed to books, music, and travel at an early age, which gave him a chance at a relationship with Tyne. 



Not long after their meeting, the pair started dating and later walked down the aisle on June 26, 1966. The duo got married when interracial marriage was frowned upon, and they experienced their fair share of racial prejudice.

Brown once revealed that there was a great deal of prejudice in the world. He made the statement because people constantly made him aware that he was married to a white woman.


In addition, the director said he felt a little edge from the black community about his marriage to Tyne. But in all, the couple decided to ignore the prejudices they faced.

However, the one time they refused to stay ignorant was when Brown and Tyne shared their first on-screen kiss on an episode of “The Rookies.”

The network censors wanted the scene taken off, but the couple stood their ground, taped, and aired the segment with no fuss. With all the uproar, Brown and Tyne had no opposition or issues from their families.


For Tyne, she never saw being married to Brown as interracial. She just saw it as being married to another member of the human race. Furthermore, the actress said:

“I gave up on categories a long time ago. In fact, when we did Alyxandra’s birth certificate, under ‘race,’ we put ‘human’; under ‘sex’ we put ‘yes’; and under ethnic origin we put ‘citizen of the world.'”

Loving each other and spending quality time together was more important to the couple than what the world said and believed. Irrespective of their strong bond, Brown had no idea how many years he would stay married to Tyne.

What mattered to him was the quality of time and not the quantity of time. He affirmed these words during an interview in 1979 — 11 years before they divorced. Brown said:

“I don’t even know if Tyne and I will be together all our lives. I don’t know if that is important. The quality of the time spent together is important and not the quantity of the time.”


In 1990, after being married for 24 years, Brown and Tyne filed for divorce. Even though their marriage had been through thick and thin, they had to go their separate ways due to irreconcilable differences.

At the time of their divorce, the duo were doting parents to three lovely daughters — Alisabeth Brown, born on December 12, 1967; Kathryne Dora Brown, born on February 10, 1971; and Alyxandra Beatris Brown, born on October 1, 1985.

Although Brown and Tyne are not together anymore, they set an example for interracial couples who have always faced stigma throughout history, and those who continue to face the same today.

As Brown and Tyne proved, despite the barriers these couples face in society, they can maintain lasting relationships.

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