Gay Singer George Michael Was Found Dead on Christmas of 2016 & Buried in Unmarked Grave for Years

George Michael, the pop legend, and songwriter did not die surrounded by his loved ones. Unfortunately, the megastar was found dead on 2016’s Christmas holiday and later buried in an unmarked grave that was recently discovered.

George Michael, an Englishman, was a very confident man during his lifetime. He excelled as a performer, singer, and songwriter, and as far as his reality was concerned, he was not scared to share the truth about his sexuality, like many homosexuals would have been.

The fear of being rejected was not enough to keep him hidden, at least not forever. At first, he maintained secrecy concerning his sexual preference, but after falling into the traps of an investigator, he became vocal about his lifestyle.

George Michael attends a press conference to announce details of a new tour at The Royal Opera House on May 11, 2011 in London, England | Photo: Getty Images

The singer lived until age 53 when he died in his home. His family buried him in an unmarked grave that was kept discreet for some time; something many deemed demeaning of a superstar. It was not until after five years that they revealed his burial site.


Michael was a part of the “Wham!” group consisting of two singers — the songwriter, and Andrew Ridgeley. The founders were friends, and they shared a similar passion for music. They became popular among teenage girls and released hits.

By 1986, the band separated, and this brought Michael into the limelight. He began to release tracks and albums that topped the Billboard charts, including “Faith” and “Twenty-five.” His other albums were “Patience” and “Older.”

Singer George Michael poses at the “George Michael: A Different Story” Photocall during the 55th annual Berlinale International Film Festival on February 16, 2005 in Berlin, Germany | Photo: Getty Images

During his prime, the artist won several awards like the Grammys and MTV Europe Awards. But as he aged, his fame declined. However, he tried to come back and schedule a tour.

Amid the faded glory, Michael remains one of the impressive singers, philanthropists, and advocates of his time, and his legacy will live on.


In 1998, an undercover cop arrested Michael at the Beverly Hills Park when he found the celebrity engaging in a lewd act—he tried to solicit for sex from the officer.

This act was seen as a criminal offense by the state, with an estimated fine of $1000, but they slammed the singer with a $500 fine after a three hours detention. He also appeared in front of a judge and pleaded guilty.

That was not all, he was ordered to participate in community service for eighty hours. As expected, the media weighed in on the issue and several tabloids penned down ridiculous headlines with reference to the story.


Seeing how much backlash he got from the media after the controversy, the entertainer decided to share the story from the horse’s mouth. The former “Wham!” star had a refreshingly honest talk with CNN’s Kenny Goss.

While Michael preferred to keep his acts of charity low-key, he also anonymously surprised his receivers.

He told the reporter that at 19, he was clear on his sexuality (bisexual) and that he opened up to his close pals, bandmates, and sisters. While they accepted it, they advised him to keep the news away from his parents.

The singer worried that it would have caused a strain on his mother’s health because being a bisexual or a gay man made people think of AIDS. He decided to keep mute while sharing his reality with very few people.

Despite knowing what he wanted, it was difficult to come to terms with it until he clocked 27 when he became romantically involved with his first lover.

This was due to the criticism he suffered from the media, even when he had not come clean with his sexuality. Still, he could not handle bottling up his true nature, and this led to depression.

Michael wished that the Beverly Hills controversy had happened earlier in his life. The pop star admitted that the revelation never affected his career, but that if it came earlier, it might have affected his fame, but that he would have lived a happier life, knowing he did not have to lie to those he loved.

The arrest made it easier to open up, and Michael had a similar energy to liberating the sexually marginalized. He tried to advocate for gay rights through his music and further hosted a documentary where the stories of several gay people were shared.

While the “Freedom” singer funded research on AIDS, he also looked into other areas like hunger, education, and he rendered help to women and children around the world.

About five years ago, history recorded the death of a legendary musician after he succumbed to heart and kidney disease at 53. His body was found by his partner, Fawaz, in his Goring-on-Thames residence, in Oxon.

Despite the shocking news of Michael’s death, his family decided to bury him in a simple manner. They erected a rectangular slab above the corpse and labeled the headstone with his birth name Georgios Kyraicos Panayiotou.

An insider revealed that the family buried him in the most unexpected way because of the fear that his fans would troop in millions to the site. Whether it was to control traffic or out of respect for the star, many maintained that he deserved a better burial place.

Michael was not the only family member in the Highgate Cemetery, North London. The star was laid to rest next to his mother, Lesley, who passed away in 1997. His sister, Melanie, who died in 2019, was positioned next to their mother.


After his death, many recognized his good deeds, and they praised him for it. Several charities and individuals shared their encounters with the deceased. They confessed that he was a cheerful and consistent giver who shared his wealth and time graciously.

While Michael preferred to keep his acts of charity low-key, he also anonymously surprised his receivers. This included paying a woman’s fertility bills to tipping a waitress to cover her education, funding a charity with millions, and volunteering at a homeless shelter.

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