Gay Man Discovers He Has a Daughter When She Messages Him

A gay man received the biggest shock of his life when he received a message on Facebook from a young woman. She then shared her Ancestry DNA test results, adding that they had a parent/child match. 

In recent years, DNA testing has made it possible for many people to find answers related to their personal identity and connect with their birth families.

Shocking DNA results can bring total strangers together, and this is what happened precisely to a gay man named Wolf Martinez, who lived in Santa Fe, New Mexico, with his husband, Michael Ouelette.

Martinez and Ouellette had been in a relationship for nearly 20 years. On April 7, 2020, Martinez checked his Facebook inbox and saw a message from a young woman named Alexandra Lovett. 

He had no mutual friends with her and usually deleted messages and friend requests from people he barely knew. However, this time around, he decided to open the message and read it. What he saw next shocked him to the core of his being. 

The young lady had shared her Ancestry DNA test report. According to the results, Martinez and Lovett had a parent/child match. The Santa Fe gay man couldn’t believe what he was reading. 

Initially, Martinez had a hard time figuring out how something like this could be possible. He told Love What Matters: 

“She [Lovett] told me, ‘I am your daughter and I have been looking for you my whole life!!!’”

Lovett explained how Martinez met her mother in 1986, and the two had a very “drunken one-night stand.” Her mom only knew Martinez’s first name and never saw him again, so she went on to live with her mother, giving birth to Lovett.

Martinez gradually recalled that he was 22 years old and used to drink a lot in those days. However, he had stopped doing drugs and taking alcohol for 25 years. Remembering what had happened that night, he shared: 

“I do not have memory of this encounter, but the details add up. We actually met on the dancefloor in a gay club. The resemblance with this amazing young woman was already so clear.”

He also shared how he stared in disbelief at the DNA results, which showed his match with Lovett on the top of the page, even above his sister. While he still had several questions in his head, he decided to talk to his daughter on FaceTime. 

Martinez asked his husband, Ouellette, to be by his side as he connected with his daughter. Lovett then revealed that her last name translates to “Little Wolf.” Martinez’s first name was Wolf, and he dropped the phone as he tried to handle the shocking details. 

Since their first video chat, they began talking over the phone and through messages to get to know each other. Then came the lucky day when Lovett came to Santa Fe from Oregon to visit her dad and his husband. 

She met Martinez’s entire family, including his mother, who had always longed to be a grandma and couldn’t believe she had a granddaughter for real. 

While Martinez was beyond ecstatic after finding a daughter he never knew he had, Lovett had found not one but two fathers. The young lady is extremely close with her dads and often documents sweet moments of their time together on Facebook.

We are glad that Lovett and Martinez were able to find each other through Ancestry DNA Test, and we wish them all the love and happiness. 

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