Full House’ Lori Loughlin Went Through Heaven and Hell With Husband of 24 Years With Whom She Eloped in 1997

TV actress Lori Loughlin met her husband, American fashion designer Mossimo Ginnulli in the ‘90s. They were so eager to get married that they opted to have a spontaneous wedding ceremony.

Mossimo Ginnulli met his wife Lori Loughlin in 1995 at a restaurant in Los Angeles. The couple dated for two years before eloping in Newport Beach on Thanksgiving Day in 1997.

Since they were having an impromptu ceremony, the pair wore ski hats and sweatpants. Loughlin once shared why they decided to elope.

Designer Mossimo Giannulli and actress Lori Loughlin attend LACMA’s 50th Anniversary Gala at LACMA on April 18, 2015 in Los Angeles, California | Photo: Getty Images


The 57-year-old shared that seeing she and Ginnulli had been married before, they thought: “Well, it didn’t really work out well for us the first time around, so maybe we’ll elope and see how it goes and tell people.”

Loughlin added they had previously discussed having a wedding, and then just one day they thought to themselves: “‘Let’s get up and let’s go do it.’ Yeah, we got up on Thanksgiving morning.”

Lori Loughlin and husband Mossimo Giannulli attend 6th Annual Kidstock Music And Arts Festival at Greystone Mansion on June 3, 2012 in Beverly Hills, California | Photo: Getty Images

The duo had Ginnulli’s best friend and a minister meet them at the venue, and they tied the knot at sunrise and later went to Thanksgiving dinner, where they broke the news to everyone.

Funnily enough, the lovebirds have been celebrating their wedding anniversary on the wrong date for twenty years. They were so enthusiastic about their first anniversary that they celebrated it two days earlier and have been doing it for that long.

Pictured: An undated image of Mossimo Ginnulli and Lori Loughlin at LA Fashion Week | Photo: Getty Images

When fellow actress Marilu Henner asked her once on what day they got married, Loughlin told her it was on November 25, 1997, but she said to her: “No, no, November 25 was a Tuesday…November 27, 1997, that was Thanksgiving.”

According to Loughlin, Henner was spot on while noting that on her marriage certificate, they had written November 25, and that was what appeared on her marriage license.

Stunned by the revelation, the “Full House” alum dialed her spouse, telling him that they had been celebrating their special day on the wrong date all these years. “So, it’s November 27, 1997; I think we’re going to make our anniversary a three-day festival now,” she said.

Lori Loughlin attends WCRF’s “An Unforgettable Evening” at the Beverly Wilshire Four Seasons Hotel on February 27, 2018 in Beverly Hills, California | Photo: Getty Images

Loughlin loves talking about her relationship even though she keeps specific details to herself. Following years of wedded bliss, the New York native gushed about her beloved husband, stating: “He’s my guy, he’s my person,” right before revealing what keeps their marriage going:

“It’s communicating. It’s listening. It’s picking and choosing your battles. It’s being flexible. It’s all of that. One day at a time, one step at a time.”

Loughlin and Ginnulli, 58, share two children, daughters Olivia, 22, and Bella, 23. They welcomed their oldest child in September 1998, while their youngest was born in September 1999.

As a new mom at the time, the “When Hope Calls” told Us Weekly that she was a loving but firm parent and that while she was available for her child, she was also not hovering over her.

When Loughlin became a mother for the second time, she pointed out that she was not a friend to her girls, saying: “I am their mother. I’m here to guide them, and I think that is first and foremost.”


The Hollywood star and the fashion moguls’ union has stood the test of time. In March 2019, the couple became involved in an alleged college admissions scam.

They had agreed to pay a bribe totaling $500,000 to have their daughters designated as recruits to the University of Southern California crew team.

Ginnulli and his wife both got arrested for their alleged involvement, and a month later, they pleaded not guilty to fraud and money laundering conspiracy charges after they rejected a plea deal in April 2019. 

The pair returned to court in Boston in August that year to attend a hearing regarding the government’s concerns of their lawyers.

Regardless of the judge’s warnings over conflict of interest, Loughlin and Ginnulli decided to keep their shared legal team from the firm of Lathan & Watkins.

They spent several months in prison, and she got released on December 28, 2020, while he was released in April 2021, three weeks earlier than planned from federal prison.    

The entire ordeal heavily affected the couple’s marriage, and they were rumored to be on the brink of divorce. Things were so bad that their daughter Bella believed they would split up after she witnessed them arguing over whether they should take a private jet to their court appearance.

An insider revealed their lawyers advised them against it, but Ginnulli insisted, saying it would be a “zoo if they flew commercial.” Loughlin’s friends said she should leave him, but she instead divulged that the daunting experience strengthened their marriage. 

Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli leave Moakley Federal Courthouse after a brief hearing on August 27, 2019 in Boston, Massachusetts | Photo: Getty Images

Moreover, the twosome handled the scandal differently as Guinnulli was more in good spirits and continued to socialize like nothing was happening.

Meanwhile, Loughlin started to avoid people by disguising herself in public spaces. She reportedly wore large hats and scarves to prevent people from recognizing her.

Mossimo Giannulli and actress Lori Loughlin attend the Malibu Lumber Yard grand opening at the Malibu Lumber Yard on April 21, 2009 in Malibu, California | Photo: Getty Images

Despite the difficulties faced as a married pair, Loughlin and Ginnulli’s union remains intact and is thriving following their prison releases, including their Mexico vacation in 2021.

A source told Us Weekly in June last year that the trip essentially allowed the duo to find each other again as romantic partners, stating:

“They got to soak up the sun, pamper themselves and hang with friends, but most of all, they’re thrilled because they’ve gotten their mojo back as a couple.”

Ginnulli and Loughlin petitioned a judge in May to take a five-day, four-night trip while on probation, and after their request got granted, they flew down to North America.

The source added: “They’ve been committed to each other throughout the prison ordeal, but it was a buzzkill, and romance had to take a back seat for such a long time because of it. Now, they’ve got a new lease on the marriage and a permanent smile on their faces!”

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