From TikTok star to businesswoman, Danibydsgn’s rise to fame

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Dani Regan’s <a class=Business, Danibydsgn, gained popularity on social Media during the pandemic. Picture: Danibydsgn” top=”365″ width=”650″/>
Dani Regan’s Business, Danibydsgn, gained popularity on social Media through the pandemic. Image: Danibydsgn

A Melbourne TikTok star has turned her “lockdown hobby” right into a profitable Business, thanks to the help of over 1,000,000 followers and a singular edge within the design market.

From model logos, to cattle irons, to necklaces and tattoos, Dani Regan’s designs are hidden in plain sight and have messages solely the homeowners will ever know the that means of.

Dani Regan’s designs in gold necklace form. Picture: Supplied
Dani Regan’s designs in gold necklace kind. Image: Equipped

The 29-year-old designer was working in an everyday 9-5 job till a singular interest finally resulted in her opening her personal Business, supported by 1.4 million followers on TikTok and greater than 185,000 Instagram followers.

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Throughout one in every of many lockdowns two years in the past, Dani determined to open a TikTok account to remedy her isolation boredom.

When she did, she got here throughout a video with audio instructing her on how to overlap letters to create a monogram design of an individual’s title.

From there, Dani tried it, shared it and her first video was seen over 8,000 occasions with loads of feedback requesting her to strive the development on different names.

“It was just getting comment after comment; mostly people wanting me to do their names overlapped,” she stated.

“Once I started to get literally thousands of requests, that was the first realisation where I thought, ‘Hey, I might have something here.’

“I had a friend tell me to put it onto Etsy, and the first day I did, I got my first order for the name ‘Charlotte’.”

She then “graduated” to open her shopify web page and is now working her Business full-time.

“It’s blown up and become my full-time job.”

“It’s really driven off what I put into it,” she stated.

Her designs are available for purchase, with many ending up as tattoos. Pictures: Supplied
Her designs can be found for buy, with many ending up as tattoos. Photos: Equipped

After graduating with an undergrad in psychology, Dani went on to research a Masters in commerce.

Her preliminary profession path noticed her within the operations area in a company 9-5 job, however she says she all the time had strengths in communication.

“I always had ambitions to grow in the corporate ladder, and maybe become a director or something like that,” she stated.

“But then this took over.”

She was then ready to go on and full a cert. III and IIII in graphic design by way of her work, the place she realized the fundamentals on how to work as a graphic designer.

Her designs are a mixture of letters, with each customer getting a unique and discreet design only they know the meaning of. Picture: Supplied
Her designs are a mix of letters, with every buyer getting a singular and discreet design solely they know the that means of. Image: Equipped
Dani Regan’s work through her <a class=Business ‘Danibydsgn’. Photos: Equipped” top=”365″ width=”650″/>
Dani Regan’s work through her Business ‘Danibydsgn’. Photos: Equipped

Her recommendation for anybody wanting to begin out in their very own Business is to discover one thing you’re enthusiastic about which can also be going to be one thing individuals need.

“You have to find that product, but really get used to social Media and platforms,” she stated.

“You could have the best product in the world, but if you don’t know the basics of social Media, you’ll have no one to sell to.

“Once you have a following and know what your niche is, you can grow into something. “Then the rest will come.”

She believes platforms like TikTok give individuals their very own energy, as they don’t have to depend on different illustration or scouts to get began.

“I think the opportunities of today are very new,” she stated.

“I think social Media’s changed a lot since TikTok has been implemented.

“It’s very strange in the beginning, taking social Media seriously, but there’s so much opportunity. There’s room for anything and everything.

“It’s given people back their own power; there’s less dependency on having to go and be found when you can push yourself out there.”

A future goal of Dani’s is to collaborate with a jeweller to produce a whole new line. Picture: Danibydsgn
A future purpose of Dani’s is to collaborate with a jeweller to produce an entire new line. Image: Danibydsgn

In her time designing, she’s been ready to work on items for all kinds of individuals, for all kinds of makes use of.

“It wasn’t developed for tattoos; I was actually shocked when it went that way,” she stated.

“People want to get something special for them – that not everyone can understand.”

“I do the same thing every day, but I can’t sit here and say even one day I’ve been sick of it.”

“Once you’re doing what you really want to be doing, you’ll make it work.”

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