Florida Teen Causes Car Crash on Purpose to Save a Woman Who Was Looking Down While Driving

Some individuals have a deep-seated capacity for fearlessness and goodwill. Teenager Olivia Jones’ was one of these people, so much so that she could have died or grievously injured herself when she chose to rescue another individual. 

Florida’ Clearwater High School student Olivia Jones’ goal in life was to become an orthopedic surgeon. In essence, this teenager wanted to grow up to save lives. 

One day, it was clear from her instinct that this propensity towards helping others live was a deep-set instinct when she put herself in harm’s way for a fellow human being that was suffering.

Olivia Jones talking about saving a woman. | Source: youtube.com/10 Tampa Bay

Around Christmas of 2018, Jones came across a lady in distress. The teen had just stopped by a red light and, at first thought, nothing was wrong when she spotted a lady in a vehicle. The high school senior expressed

“I thought she was texting because she was looking straight down. And then she started seizing.”

Of course, the woman in the vehicle had no control of the car, so it began sliding forward. Not only that, but she would have found herself in the middle of oncoming traffic as she could not push on the brakes.

Olivia Jones talking about saving a woman. | Source: youtube.com/10 Tampa Bay

However, Jones thought fast, driving in front of the seizing woman’s vehicle and thereby receiving what she refers to as the “miracle bump” on her Altima 2003.  Remembering the fear she felt in the moment, the teenager said

“Oh, yeah. My legs were shaking. I didn’t know… I just… I don’t know. I was really nervous.”

After the stranger bumped into her car, she put the lady’s vehicle in park only to find her seizing with blood and urination present. At this time, the teenager was already talking to 911, with firefighters arriving quickly at the scene.

A partial picture of Olivia Jones’ car. | Source: youtube.com/10 Tampa Bay

Clearwater High School’s assistant principal Leslie Hopkins commended her for her heroic actions, expressing how proud the school is. The school official stated

“I was just really blown away when I was told the story.”

The young lady jokingly said that her friends thought it wasn’t the most intelligent decision, but she disagreed. At the time, it was reported that the woman who had a seizure had not yet commented on the incident.

It is incredible what one person can do for another with just a little bit of courage, compassion, and the willingness to use those attributes when coming across someone in need.

Would you be able to do what Jones did, or would you look the other way as Jones claimed the other drivers did? 

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