Fitness sensation Michelle Lewin’s secrets

Fitness sensation Michelle Lewin’s secret meal and her diet

Michelle Lewin has emerged from a modelling person working at a clinic in Venezuela to being a role model in the fitness industry. She continues to inspire millions on social media across the world. Recognised as a Latin American princess in the fitness domain, She has been featured in over 30 million magazines related to Health, Sports and fitness.

A more in-depth look at Basic Michelle Lewin

  • Height: 164 cm
  • Weight: 57 kg
  • Nationality: Venezuelan
  • Birthplace: Maracay, Venezuela
  • D.O.B.: 25. Február, 1986
  • Place of residence: Miami Beach, Florida, U.S.A.
  • Bust: 92cm
  • Waist: 64cm
  • Hips: 92cm

She is often called by the nickname “La Cuerpa”(“body” in Spanish) on social media accounts, and deservingly so. This Venezuelan beauty instantly catches attention with her belly and bottom figures. You can give her any of these titles- training coach, diva, fitness freak and a sex symbol. Being a social media influencer, She always encourages people through her fitness tips and tricks and motivates them towards a healthy lifestyle. Above all, She is a humble and honest personality. Also, she is frank about her implants and continues to advise on Dos and Don’ts.

How did Michelle Lewin start her fitness journey?

Once a poor thin girl living in Venezuelan, Michelle Lewin has come a long way to be recognised as the ripped bodybuilder and fitness guru. She lived her childhood in a small apartment and under difficult living conditions. She and her mom were forced to collect food from the neighbourhood for sustenance.

From being weak physically, she transformed herself with her mental strength and dedication. At 17, She went to a local gym and got attracted to health and fitness goals. She committed some mistakes as a beginner, like unbalanced training, focussing only on legs etc., but learned from them and developed a strict routine ever since.

Another milestone in her life was in 2008 when she met Jimmy Lewin, a bodybuilder who recognised her potential. He was her trainer and also became her life partner later. Though Lewin lost her initial competitions badly, she stood up even harder. Her sheer dedication helped

her win 1st position at N.P.C. Fort Lauderdale Cup. Jimmy and Michelle got married in 2010, and their bond in training, social media management, and best friends continue.

Preparing for contests

Over time, Waist trainer Michelle Lewin got gravitated towards workout and training. Cardio exercises like rollerblading, stair climbing became her favourites. Sprints allowed her to burn massive calories while retaining the muscles. Michelle resorted to circuit training, including jump squats, skipping ropes, lunge jumps etc., to prepare for the Europe Dallas contest 2014.

Also, She incorporated several diet changes and reduced the carbs consumption to stay fit and healthy.

Secrets of fitness queen Michelle Lewin

Michelle Lewin makes it a point to work out twice a day, incorporating cardio and strength training. Her morning exercise involves 40 minutes of cardio and some heavyweight activities in the evening. Her success comes not only through strict workout routines but also proper eating habits.

Michelle is also very open about her surgery and implants. She is quite against butt implants and fat injections, as they are not 100% safe. She has devoted a long time to maintaining a well-toned physique.

Michelle prefers lighter weights over heavier weights to avoid injuries. Initially, She loved to focus on her legs, but she focused on the upper body and full-body workouts over time. A healthy lifestyle, breathtaking figure, and incredible fitness inspires other girls worldwide to follow her path. She aspires to become an inspiration for the upcoming generation and seeks to create awareness about perfect fitness goals. Michelle Lewin’s Instagram handle attracts millions of followers, where she posts helpful videos and other stuff.

Routine and diet schedule of Michelle Lewin Exercise.

Her weekly workout routine goes as follows:

  • Monday: Quads, glutes – The focus area is Lunges, Single-leg Leg press and Squats.
  • Tuesday: Back, biceps – The primary focus is on back and biceps, Chin Ups, Dumbbell curls etc.
  • Wednesday: Abs, calves – Michelle is seen doing stomach crunches in the gym, deadlifts, seated and standing Calf Raises etc.
  • Thursday: Triceps, shoulders – She focusses on strengthening triceps and shoulders, side Lateral raises and similar exercises.
  • Friday: Glutes, hamstrings
  • Saturday: Core and abs – Michelle works out on crunch machines, hanging knee Raises and other similar stuff.
  • Sunday: Rest day – Though she doesn’t work out on Sundays, Michelle keeps her busy and remains active by doing household chores etc.

Michelle shared her three favourite exercises to a renowned lifestyle blog:

  1. Sprints – She believes that sprints help her tighten booty and also burn some fat.
  2. Lunges – Michelle is in love with her toned legs and focuses on lunges to shape the leg muscles.
  3. Side Lateral Raises– The exercise is to get toned delts by training her shoulders.

Overall, Michelle loves to swear in cardio and H.I.I.T. workout plans, Her intensity is always high, and she seeks to push the envelope every time.

Professional life of Michelle Lewin

  • Some of her notable achievements include:
    • 1st place at N.P.C. Fort Lauderdale Cup 2013
    • Secured second place at N.P.C. Southern States 2013
  • Michelle has a vast social media following with more than 13 million followers on Instagram, over 466 thousand followers on Twitter, and above 400 thousand Youtube subscribers.
  • Also, She has been a prominent figure in top magazine covers like Playboy magazine, Inside Fitness, Oxygen and Muscle & Fitness.
  • Apart from the enormous social media presence, Michelle owns her street and gym clothes, swimwear etc. Her team has designed Mobile apps – Fitplan and Meal Plan, where she shares her fitness and diet secrets.
  • If we talk about her net worth, it is around $3 million, comprising her earning and properties. Also, Michelle spends her time training renowned celebrities and working on her collection of products.
  • Not only this, Michelle has written several books about health and fitness, and it is also a useful source of income for her.

Diet plan of Michelle Lewin

A strict diet is one of the essentials of Michelle Lewin’s success. Nutritionists very carefully curate this diet. The diet is based on the workout to provide Michelle Lewin with the right amount of proteins & carbohydrates.

Let’s have a look at what Michelle Lewin’s diet consists of.

Waist Trainer Michelle Lewin‘s diet consists of about five to six meals every day. These meals are nutrient-rich to help her maintain her fitness. It is designed to accommodate her energy requirements throughout the day. The meals are not filling for her but provide her with all the necessary energy she needs.

Michelle Lewin is based on a calorie deficient diet. A low-calorie diet means a diet in which more calories are burnt than received. It, however, does not mean that she neglects the needs of her body.

The favourite foods of Michelle Lewin are on the side of healthier foods. It doesn’t appear as a surprise considering her transformation over the last few years. She loves to eat flakes, egg whites, almond milk (unsweetened) & protein drinks. The diet is more effective for her considering her choices in food and may differ for you.

Let’s have a look at a typical day’s diet in the life of Michelle Lewin:

●     Breakfast:

Her breakfast consists of six egg whites accompanied by oats which are topped with strawberries and almonds.

●     Lunch:

Lunch for Michelle Lewin consists of grilled chicken breasts and sweet potatoes. There is also a moderate portion of steamed broccoli and olive oil.

●     Snack:

When it comes to snack time, she generally goes for pork chops and some salad on the side.

●     Dinner:

Dinner for Michelle Lewin looks like grilled salmon accompanied by brown rice and some steamed asparagus.

●     Before Sleep:

Before hitting the bed, she prefers to drink a protein shake which helps her be fresh and early the next morning.

This diet strikes the right balance between all the food groups. Michelle gets her proteins from sources like chicken breast, egg whites and the grilled salmon. There are also adequate carbohydrates in the potatoes, rice and oatmeal. Products like olive oil also help her gain other nutrients which our body requires. The overall diet works like magic for her boosting her health and immunity.

You can always look at Michelle Lewin’s Instagram to see how healthy she looks with her diet.

Michelle Lewin Fitness Interview

Michelle Lewin has been a popular figure in the fitness industry for a long time now. Lewin has done many interviews in the past and appears on multiple podcasts too. She looks to inspire others by telling people about her journey and how fitness has helped her. Let’s have a glance at a few questions asked in an interview with Iron Man Magazine :

Q. Do you consider yourself sexy?

A. I don’t like to see myself in photos. You may not believe me, but its the truth. I learned to pose and found my best angles to sell my pictures. I do it at the behest of my fans. I know what they want.

Q. Do men like it when you train hard?

A. I know for a fact that they love it when I train hard. Women who train hard have the best figures, and they radiate energy. These are the women that men are most attracted to and consider to be ideal.

Q. What does a typical day in your life include?

A. My typical day has two workouts – a cardio session in the morning and an exercise session in the evening. The two workouts a day is the only constant in my life. All the other things vary from day to day depending on my schedule of meetings, photoshoots and travelling.

Q. Any advice for the girls looking to enter the fitness industry?

A. My only advice would be not to imitate anyone else. Don’t try to be someone else. Be yourself. Do what comes naturally to you.

Michelle Lewin Inspiration & Idols

Michelle Lewin says that a mirror is her best friend and her biggest motivator. She is also exceptionally self-motivated. Another significant source of inspiration for her is the love she receives every day. She is mostly motivated by the incredible amount of blessings sent to her by her female fitness followers every day.

All the love makes her work harder for all her followers across the globe. She is also inspired to do better in life because she influences social media and millions of people following her.

The success story of Michelle Lewin being a significant influencer

You can always follow her on the below handles to hear her.

Instagram: michelle_lewin Twitter: michelle_lewin Facebook: FitnessMichelle

Apart from this, you can check out her website as well. is the website where you can check out her story and even her products. She also has workouts up on her website, along with people’s real transformations. The simple images of people’s change on her website are motivating enough to start working out. She has worked with many people to help transform them into fitter and better versions of themselves. You can access all the tips and techniques on her app. The app provides quite detailed and step-by-step directions for each of the exercises. There is a vast range of workouts, starting from beginning levels to the advanced stages. So, even if you are looking to start working out or want to move to different training, she has an option for you.

You can also buy her Lewin Fitness Platform on her website. The fitness platform is an incredible addition to your workout gear. It offers an excellent level of flexibility and a wide range of exercises. You can use the fitness platform at home or even in your gym while exercising to level up with your fitness. The highlight of her products, however, remains her activewear brand. She offers excellent gym apparel, which is not just functional but also has a certain flair. She started with this line due to the lack of suitable gym apparel in the market. The excellent product, along with her endorsements, has taken the market by storm.

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