Fitness secrets and diet plans of fitness queen Jen Selter

In New York, Jen Selter, popularly known for her butt selfie or belfie, is a young fitness and sports enthusiast. In her late 20s, she has already travelled most of the world, inspiring millions worldwide to adapt to a healthy lifestyle. Jen gained an instant following on YouTube and Instagram, thanks to her pictures featuring her well-toned buttocks and abs.

Jen Selter’s overall fan following on social media is as good as 20 million. The best part about Jen Selter is that she is extremely self-motivated. Her determination and perseverance are infectious and inspire several others to adopt a healthy lifestyle for a healthy body and mind. Her athletic figure paved her way to achieving fame quickly. She shares her fitness secrets and diet tips, popularly hash tagged as Jen Selter diet and Jen Selter home workout by her fans and followers.

Statistics of Jen Selter

  • Jen Selter Height – 5’5
  • Jen Selter weight – 118 lb
  • Bust – 34”
  • Hips – 36”
  • Nationality – American
  • Profession – Fitness model
  • Year of birth – 1993
  • Place of birth – New York, America

Jen Selter Challenge

Many people worldwide have taken up the Jen Selter challenge, which is also popularly known as ‘seltering.’ Seltering gained massive popularity on social media. People posted pictures of themselves doing it. It represents a fitness movement wherein people place both of their arms forward and place one leg behind, forming a half lunge position.

What drove Jen towards fitness?

While reminiscing about her pre-fitness days, Jen Selter mentioned how she was overweight. She said that she got bullied, and that took a toll on her mental health. After being depressed about it for quite some time, Jen decided to do something about it. Her obesity is what inspired Jen to become fit and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Her well-balanced diet and fitness tips lead her to become a world-renowned influencer.

How did Jen Selter start her fitness journey?

Jen was born in New York City of America. When she was 15-years-old, young Jen Selter was determined to have a fit and healthy body. She committed to having a toned body. The chiselled and athletic body that she has is an effort of several years. She progressed one step at a time. Within a short duration, she started seeing results. That catalysed her journey towards fitness. Most importantly, Jen enjoyed her workout sessions. 

She worked two part-time jobs post-high school. One fine day when he was on her shift, she virtually shared the pictures of her progress. She posted a bikini lad picture herself that glorified her abs and glutes. That is when the world recognised this young and determined fitness enthusiast. She could not believe the fame and attention that her pictures garnered. She had posted her photos in the hope of getting a few likes. But her photographs took the world wide web by storm, and her popularity skyrocketed in the coming months. By 2016, Jen began to be known as a fitness sensation with stunning looks and a wannabe figure. Today, she is a well-known model with several magazine cover pages to her name. She has also appeared in TV shows and commercials.

Professional Life of Jen Selter

Jen Selter is currently a fitness model and enthusiast with a keen interest in making tik-tokk videos. Her net worth is $6 Million.

She is the creative director at ION Collections, a jewellery brand exclusively for athletes.

The fitness model turned actor has shown her acting skills in Hollywood TV shows such as Access Hollywood, Beyond the Tank and The View.

Jen Selter’s team runs a Facebook group that responds to messages from her fans and followers and keeps them motivated. As of March 2020, Jen Selter has 1.8 million Instagram followers.

She owns five different brands and co-owns BlendJet. BlendJet is a small initiative that is popular for making fitness shakes for fitness enthusiasts. It has over 340k followers as of March 2020.

She also owns famous brands like JenstaBar and Couple Goals. They are aimed at making protein bars sugar free. JenstaBar has approximately 50k followers as of March 2020, and Couple Goals had a whopping 4.2 million followers in the same year.

She has a website to her name and also a fitness app called Fitplan. The fitness training app also has its Instagram presence with over 400k followers as of March 2020.

The fitness journal feature is not something new for Jen. Amazed by her transformation, several journals have covered her story.

On the personal front, Jen is believed to be dating Kristaps Porzingis. She underwent a rhinoplasty as she thought her nose was not in good shape.

Routine and diet schedule of Jen Selter

Jen Selter understands the importance of exercise and a healthy diet for staying fit. She does not follow any particular diet but promotes making healthy diet choices. She urges her followers to take in carbs and also practice cheat days but with moderation. She says that occasional cheat days are an integral part of fitness.  On any given day, Jen munches on natural foods rather than processed foods. Her diet includes the following:

Egg whites, toast or oats with fresh fruit juice are the ideal breakfast choice. According to Jen Selter, they give you the necessary push and keep you going through the day.

Grilled chicken or salmon, a massive bowl of veggies, and salad are the right combinations for a nutritious lunch.

The dinner consists of brown rice and steamed vegetables along with grilled chicken or salmon.

Jen eats a minimum variety of foods that serve the purpose of a balanced diet. She gets all the vitamins, minerals, proteins, fibres and the necessary carbohydrates by following this diet schedule.

Jen Selter meal plan

Jen Selter has repeatedly urged her followers and fans to eat healthily and exercise well. She has often stated that a healthy diet does not imply eating less but eating everything in small portions. This way, you would not miss out on any vitamins and other necessities of the body. Here is the diet plan followed by Jen Selter. It gained so much popularity that it is available digitally in the form of Jen selter meal plan PDF.

Jen states that for a healthy body, one must never skip breakfast. She recommends either egg whites and toast or juice along with oatmeal for breakfast.

Veggies and salads constitute Jen’s lunch.

Jen eats grilled chicken and pasta for dinner and says that it is a tasty and healthy combination.

Whenever she is hungry between meals, she pops in light yet healthy snacks or protein bars.

Sushi and dark chocolate is something that Jen craves and often indulges in them.

Jen has explained the consequences of processed foods, and she stays away from such items. She munches in on healthy foods every few hours. Such a practice keeps her metabolism going.

Does Jen Selter take supplements?

Jen Selter is not a fan or promoter of products that claim to detox or catalyse weight loss. Supplements claiming aid in weight loss are a big no for Jen. Fair enough, supplements are not healthy in the long run and can have many side effects. She instead believes in sticking to natural meals, inclusive of chicken and oatmeal. She also recommends staying hydrated as it helps in flushing out toxins.

What does Jen Selter recommend avoiding?

Though Jen emphasises including cheat days and carbs in the diet, she is strictly against binge eating. Along with that, Jen also motivates her fans and followers to stay away from products containing refined sugar, artificial sweeteners, hydrogenated fats and chemical additives. She recommends alcohol and soft drinks in moderation.

Gym routine of Jen Selter

As Jen has already stressed earlier, a balanced diet compliments a good exercise regime. Here is her gym schedule.

  • Monday: Legs and glutes (includes wide dumbbell squats, Bosu Ball Squats, Walking Lunges, Medicine Ball squats, Polymetric squat jumps, donkey kicks, squat thrusts and Leg abductors.)
  • Tuesday: Abs and cardio (It is popularly known as the Jen selter cardio and Jen Selter ab workout. It includes bicycle crunches, ab crunches, reverse crunches, forearm crunches, mountain climbers and lower leg lifts.)
  • Wednesday: glutes (Including hip thrusters, dumbell squats, jumping jacks, bench step-ups, knee-ups, donkey kicks and walking lunges.)
  • Thursday: Cardio and legs. (It includes knee-ups, dumbell squats, side lunges, walking lunges, jump squats and thirty minutes of intense cardio.)
  • Friday: Abs (It includes bicycle and reverse crunches, ab crunches, toe crunches, Russian twists, oblique v-ups, side plank hip lifts, and low leg lifts.)
  • Saturday: Glutes (It includes jumping jacks, pile squats, donkey kicks and walking lunges.)
  • Sunday: Rest and cheat day.

Diet plan of Jen Selter

Jen emphasises constantly munching on healthy snacks. She swears a few healthy snacks by including protein bars (without artificial sweeteners), almonds and dry fruits, peanut butter cookies, kale chips, apples and banana muffins, and protein shakes.

Jen’s fitness app homepage lists the Jen Selter home workout series, a step-by-step guide with videos featuring Jen Selter. This series has helped people achieve remarkable transformation. With determination, grit and motivation, Jen has successfully helped thousands adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Her fitness app — Fitplan, has several workout plans designed by Jen for people with different requirements. The Jen Selter home workout series has plans with a free trial, post which members have to pay to access the content.

Digging deeper into Jen Selter’s diet

Jen Selter has revealed the secret behind her fit and toned body. She recommends the following way to plan a diet:

  • A. Never skip breakfast: Selter believes that the entire day depends on your breakfast. What you eat will determine how your day goes. Jen suggests eggs and oats complimented with fresh juice for breakfast.
  • B. Making the perfect plan: Selter states that one must plan his meals well in advance. Planning ahead of time will ensure you eat healthily and include nutritious items in your diet. You will also avoid binge eating and gobbling up anything and everything.
  • C. Go light on lunch: Selter prefers keeping the lunch light and filling. Often, salad does the job.
  • D. Dependable dinner: Once in a while, Jen indulges in either sushi or pasta if she is eating out. When she is eating healthy, she prefers grilled chicken with brown rice and steam vegetables.
  • E. Snacking is necessary: Nibbling can be a dauntingtonedSelter recommends keeping fruits, yoghurt, protein bars or kale chips handy. These are tasty, healthy and filling.
  • F. Hydration: Drinking 3-4 litres of water a day is the body’s essential minimum requirement. Selter always carries a bottle of water with herself.
  • G. Do not avoid cheating: Selter explains that cheat meals can help keep away from binge eating. Apart from that, occasional cheat meals keep you motivated and boost your metabolism.

Achievements of Jen Selter

Jen Selter is the face of popular fitness brands, including NY20 and Game Plan Nutrition, for over eight years. She has contracts with sportswear brands such as Nike. She is also the face of Lululemon and New Balance.

In February 2014, Jen Selter represented Cirrcus, a company that manufactures fitness products. She has promoted Muscle pharm perfumes and FitMiss products.

She has shown the magic of her voice after appearing on the radio at Boomer and Cartoon. The success story of Jen Selter being a significant influencer

Below are the social media links to Jen Selter’s accounts and brands that she owns and endorses.They will give you a clear picture of why the young fitness model is so famous.

Instagram: Jen Selter

Facebook: JenSelter

Twitter: JenSelter

Besides these social media handles, you can check out Jen’s website here.

Her website explains her journey, the products she endorses, fitness jewellery, and people’s real-life transformation.

Frequently asked questions:

What is Jen Selter’s salary?

Selter earns approximately $50-60,000 per month.

What is Jen Selter’s nationality?

Jen Selter is an American influencer.

What does Jen Selter do for a living?

Jen Selter is a fitness model, fitness influencer and internet celebrity.

What is Sheltering?

Seltering is an internet fitness challenge started by Jen Selter’s fans. It requires stretching the arms forward and placing one leg behind, forming a half plunge.

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