Fitness Queen Kayla Itsines’s Diet And Her Fitness Secrets

Kayla Itsines is a popular figure known for her fitness across the globe. An Australian trainer, author and entrepreneur, she is known for her fitness Ebooks “Bikini Body Guides” and workout mobile app “Sweat with Kayla“. She has personally trained thousands of women since 2008 and guided them for better health and physique. Also, Kayla is the founder of the Bikini Body Training company. She has a massive fan following on social media and recognized among Time magazine’s top 30 most influential persons. Her pieces of training and exercises have been developed after years of research and experience. Kayla Itistines net worth is a testimonial of her successful career.

A more in-depth look at the features of Kayla Itsines

Birthday: May 21, 1991

Nationality: Australian

Age: 29 Years

Sun Sign: Taurus

Born In: Adelaide, South Australia

Famous As: Instagram Star, Personal Fitness Trainer

Height: 5’5″ (165 cm), 5’5″ Females

Weight: 173cms

What drove Kayla Itsines towards fitness?

Born in Adelaide, Australia, in 1991, Kyala Itsines had a Greek descendent. In her childhood days, She loved to play basketball but was underweight and lacked physical strength.

At the age of 15, The doctors informed her that she had endometriosis, which might cause fertility issues in future. To prevent this, Kayla started working out in the gym and received positive outcomes. Following this, She became a fitness trainer and graduated from the Australian Institute of Fitness at 18.

How did Kayla Itisines start her fitness journey?

Kayla Itisines started her career working for a gym at Adelaide. But as time passed, she realized that her clients were not benefitting much from the machines and gym equipment. Therefore, For a change, she gave an aerobic exercise once, and her clients loved it.

She launched the company called Bikini Body Guides in 2013 with her boyfriend, Tobi Pearce. Also, She became a publisher of the journal Bikini Body Guides in 2014. These guides got a tremendous response with over a million downloads within a few months. In 2015, She gave free worldwide fitness classes, known as the Kayla Itsines Bootcamp World tour. The same year, she featured in an Apple watch advertisement, presenting the device’s heart-monitoring capabilities.

Professional life of Kayla Itistines

Kayla launched her fitness app – Sweat Kayla Itsines, in November 2015. Initially, The app was criticized for heavy pricing, so she reduced the subscription to $1 first month for those who purchased the BBG Beginner PDF. Eventually, In 2016 The app shattered all records of revenue compared to other fitness-related apps.

By 2018, Kayla Itistines net worth amounted to approx 63 million dollars. Her first printed book, “The Bikini Body 28-Day Eating and Lifestyle Guide”, was published in 2016, followed by her next book launch in 2017 to develop motivation and habits towards a bikini body. Kayla Itsines blog is not limited to weight loss but also about inspiring and instructing people to gain a healthy, happy, and confident lifestyle. It’s not about losing weight and becoming unhealthy but ensuring weight loss and staying lean. BBG before and after transformations are truly breathtaking and inspiring for women. Talking about her favourite move from the guide, it is Jackknife and training of abs.

Kayla got engaged to a personal trainer Tobi Pearce. She gave her habit of consuming alcohol in 2011 to pursue a completely healthy lifestyle.

Kayla has never been a part of any controversy regarding her personal or professional life. She prefers to stay away from any rumours that could affect her healthy and positive lifestyle.

Secrets of fitness and Gym routine of queen Kayla Itisines

Talking about her weekly routine, Kayla Itisines emphasizes that one workout a day is more than sufficient, and it is necessary to take a day rest once a week. In her sessions, She advises people to warm-up and cool down after every session. Her BBG Beginner PDF discusses activities that are easy to follow and effective at the same time. Also, Kayla Itsines equipment required to get started is readily available and not very costly.

Her BBG workout schedule weekly goes as follows:

Monday – Legs:

Kayla’s recommended videos can ensure firing up your legs in less than 14 minutes. The exercises are a good combination of applying strength and high-intensity. It is divided into Circuit 1 and Circuit 2, both roughly for a 7-minute duration. Circuit 1 covers exercises like Pop squat, reverse lunge, Burpee etc., whereas Circuit 2 covers Lateral lunge, Plank jacks, Glute bridge etc.

Tuesday – LISS :

It is a kind of low-intensity exertion rather than high-intensity workouts. LISS is effective in maintaining a stable heart rate and improved fat distribution. Kayla prefers activities like casual cycling, walking and hiking.

Wednesday – Upper Body :

Kayla’s upper body workouts include – Circuit 1 consisting of Plank jacks, Lay-down pushups, Bent-leg jackknife, hip lift etc., and Circuit 2 consisting of X-plank, Double-pulse pushups, Russian twists and Flutter kicks.

Thursday – LISS:

It is a kind of low-intensity exertion rather than high-intensity workouts. LISS is effective in maintaining a stable heart rate and improved fat distribution. Kayla prefers activities like casual cycling, walking and hiking.

Friday- Full Body:

This exercise is designed for improving muscular endurance and overall body fitness. And, It involves a considerable amount of burnup, Sweat Kayla Itsines says.

Circuit 1 exercises involve Reverse lungs and knee-up, Jackknife, press-up and Mountain climber. And, Circuit 2 comprises Jump squats, Hover leg extension, Drop press-up and Straight-leg raise.

Saturday- Abs and arms:

Kayla loves doing abs exercise, and they involve applying upper body strength along with high-intensity. Here, Circuit 1 comprises 7 minutes, including Lie-down press-ups, X plank, X Mountain climber, etc. On the other hand, Circuit 2 includes Caterpillar work, Ab bikes, Commando, and Side plank. 

You can refer to Kayla Itsines equipment used in the workouts in her books, blog and videos.

Sunday – The rest day

Kayla prefers to take a rest on Sundays, allowing the muscles to recover from exhaustion. It not only avoids the chances of injury but will enable you to come back more powerful on the other days.

Her BBG workout schedule is flexible and not very difficult to follow in everyday life.

Diet plan of Kayla Itsines

Talking about Kayla Itsines’s eating habits, She doesn’t follow a particular diet plan. It is more about maintaining a balanced diet. Kayla Itsines Mediterranean diet is favourite, and also Greek food and many fruits, vegetables, protein, and carbohydrate ingredients. 

Her app also discusses Sweat app meal plan calories necessary, Kayla Itisines meal plan vegetarian and many other healthy food habits. SWEAT meal plan reviews are a testimonial to her well-organized diet plans.

Kayla takes a meal as a way to energize her body by getting all the essential nutrients. She doesn’t completely cut away from eating chocolates, cakes and sweets but ensures a proper balance.

Coming from What I eat in a day Kayla Itsines, her food routine goes as follows:


Kayla Itsines breakfast would include consumption of a lot of vegetables along with two toast pieces. She likes to eat tomatoes, cucumbers and capsicum, along with toast and olive oil.

Itsines, while out for breakfast, loves to take piccolo latte, scrambled eggs and spicy food.

Kayla Itsines breakfast is quite crucial for her to tackle the daily hassles. In an interview, What I eat in a day Kayla Itsines discussed her eating habits in detail.


Kayla keeps the lunch simple and healthy. She will easily prepare tuna salad at home, dressed with olive oil, oregano, salt, vinegar, and pepper.

Sometimes to make the lunch more interesting, Kayla enjoys rice paper rolls, Sushi, crunchy salad roll, Kayla Itsines Mediterranean diet or a Greek dish like stuffed capsicum.


Kayla loves variations when it comes to dinner. When with family, There is a lot on the table – pasta dishes, vegetables, salads, meat and Thai dishes. Kayla Itisines macros cover the right amount of carbohydrates, proteins and vegetables.


Sometimes when hungry, Kayla doesn’t mind eating some healthy snacks. She might eat fresh fruits or add tzatziki – a dip made of Greek yoghurt, honey and cinnamon. Sometimes, To make snack time more fun, she would try her own Kayla Itsines recipes.

Kayla Itsines UK doesn’t believe in taking supplements or protein powder and prefers a nutritious diet comprising all the essential proteins, carbohydrates and minerals. Kayla Itisines macros require ingredients that are easy to find and also affordable. You can get the SWEAT meal plan reviews on the Internet for better clarity.

Overall, Kayla loves to eat a portion of healthy, balanced food. Kayla Itisines meal plan vegetarian is also equally healthy and enriching. Kayla Itsines recipes are simple, fast to prepare and enriching at the same time. She keeps it simple and believes that it’s the food that brings the whole family together on the table. 

Frequently asked questions

A few question and answers from Kayla Itsines UK interview:

Q. Was the popularity BBG got expected in the beginning?

A. I won’t say it exploded all of a sudden. It’s been a long and strenuous journey from being a fitness trainer to creating a BBG programme and Sweat app.

Q. How is 28-minute BBG different from other fitness courses?

A. It involves the largest community of fitness freak women in the world. It’s not about my lifestyle, but about people’s transformations, variety of foods and places across the globe.

Q. Do you use your own BBG programme?

A. Yes. I do. I am not excited to hit the gym every day, but the Sweat app designed keeps me motivated.

Q.Your favourite gym machine?

A. Cable machine

Q. Your go-to exercise will be?

A. Lat pull-down.

The success story of Kayla Itsines being a significant influencer

Itsines has a vast social media following. She regularly shares her BBG before and after transformations, which motivates people towards better health and fitness. Kayla has more than 12.6M followers on Instagram and above 409K followers on Twitter. Also, She owns a Youtube channel on fitness since 2012, having over 330K subscribers.

Kayla Itsines blog looks to inspire people towards consistent workout and to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Some of the tips we learn from her:

1. Pick your favourite workout plan and go for it. It will encourage you towards your fitness goals every day.

2. Keep yourself motivated by going with a workout buddy – friend, family member or a roommate.

3. Don’t stress yourself too hard – Make yourself comfortable; let your body respond without hurry.

Most importantly, Little things, Atomic habits every day can bring a significant change in the future.

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