Father Falsified the Results of His Son’s DNA Test to Hide His Origins

A man decided to falsify his adopted son’s DNA test results because he wanted to hide the truth. The actual results suggested something he wasn’t expecting. 

The man wrote a Reddit post sharing what he did because he felt guilty about it. He wanted to ask other users if he did the right thing by fabricating his adopted son’s DNA test results. 

The Redditor also shared the circumstances surrounding his son’s adoption. He revealed that he knew his parents very well, including their lineage, which made him hide his adopted son’s DNA test results.

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Before jumping into the main story, the Redditor with the username CourtWeird revealed how he adopted his son. He shared that the boy was his late twin brother’s son. 

His twin brother died a few years back leaving his pregnant girlfriend behind. OP later discovered that she gave birth to her son at the back of an abandoned bus, and lost custody of the child. 

Since OP was the only closest relative, he got custody of his nephew and adopted him. However, he never made his son feel like he was adopted. His family loved his son and never missed any chance to pamper him.

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Years later, his son wanted to take a DNA test to learn more about his family tree when he was diagnosed with a rare form of diabetes. The doctors believed he inherited it from the family, but OP hadn’t heard about this condition in their side of the family before. 

OP confessed the results made sense because his nephew didn’t resemble him or his mother.

He was sure no one in his family suffered from diabetes insipidus and told his son that he must have inherited it from his maternal family. This piqued his son’s curiosity to learn more about his family tree. 

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OP (Original Poster) bought a DNA testing kit for his son, expecting it would show people from his side of the family. He had no idea that he would have to hide the results from him. He explained:

“Well I was SHOCKED. When his results were ready, I viewed them before he did.”

The results suggested his adopted son was not related to him by blood despite being his twin brother’s son. His son was Russian and Ashkenazi, while OP was German and English.

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OP confessed the results made sense because his nephew didn’t resemble him or his mother. While this revelation didn’t change his feelings for his son, he was afraid the results might not sit well with him.

Since his son wanted to see the results himself, OP swapped them with his results. He shared that his son thought “it was the coolest thing ever.”

He was happy that his son was satisfied with the results, but he felt guilty for hiding the truth from him. He believed he was protecting his son by concealing the facts.

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Feeling mortified, he posted his story on Reddit to seek advice from other users. HelixFollower asked OP if the DNA test results were enough to conclude that the child was not blood-related to him. OP replied:

“All it proved was that his paternal genetic makeup is different than what it should be.”

Another Redditor told OP that he was at fault for hiding the truth from his son. The user also added that the longer he kept the facts from him, the more disappointed he would feel after knowing the truth. They asked OP to share everything with his son but do it in a good way.

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The Redditor asked OP to wait for other comments from people who have been through something similar because they would give the best advice on proceeding further. 

AdorableFlirt shared that she took another company’s DNA test with her mother. It revealed that her mother was “~99.999% her parent” and gave the same percentage for her father’s brother being her uncle. 

She wondered if the testing kit OP used yielded results similarly and suggested OP establish a family tree with the results. Most users believed OP shouldn’t hide the DNA test results from his son. 

Another user took a different DNA test and shared her results with OP | Source: Unsplash

Would you hide the DNA test results from your adopted son if you were OP?

OP hid the test results from his son because he was afraid of his reaction. Some people might agree that he did the right thing. However, others might disagree, saying he shouldn’t hide the results because his son had the right to know about his ancestors.

Do you think OP was being overly skeptical about his son’s reaction? 

Was OP overthinking the situation by expecting his son to react harshly towards the truth? Or was he right to be wary of telling his son the truth because he knows his son better than anyone? 

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