Father Dies Unexpectedly Days before Daughter’s Wedding, Leaves behind a Heartwarming Letter

After her father passed away suddenly, one bride was devastated. In 2017, she lost him a short while before she was set to get married. He left behind a letter that she would cherish forever. 

Ally Polries Mast was busy making the final arrangements for her big day, excited about the season ahead. However, what the bride-to-be did not know was that tragedy would strike. Less than 48 hours before her wedding, she received terrible news.

Her father, the man who planned to walk her down the aisle, had passed away. His death came suddenly and without warning. Paul Polries passed away due to heart disease, and the bride and her family felt his loss.  

Ally was no stranger to issues of the heart. At only 24 years old, she had suffered a heart attack and had a double bypass. Her condition, “familial hypercholesterolemia, FH, and high Lipoprotein(a), Lp(a),” was responsible. 

While Paul was unable to witness his daughter marry the love of her life, Derek Mast, he did leave behind something that Ally could hold onto. The proud father had already prepared his speech for the wedding before he died.


Thankfully, Ally’s mother found the letter which he intended to read on their special day. The words were unbelievably applicable and encouraged Ally and Derek to “focus on [their] anchors.” 

In the letter Ally’s mother read, the father said

“The love you have for each other is the most important anchor. Keep your faith, and remember the people you loved and loved you and have passed away.”


The mother choked up as she read the profound words that left the couple, guests, and the camera crew in tears. The father ended his intended speech with a toast to Ally and Derek, wishing them “many sunny days.”

Captured by Revelation Videos, the footage from the wedding quickly went viral. Many people shared similar stories of loss, and some stated that the clip encouraged them. 


The videography team said it was the most difficult wedding video they had ever recorded. They added:

“The love this father had for his daughter was so real and unmistakable.” 

Now, Ally hopes to spread awareness about heart disease. She explained that her father didn’t show any symptoms before his passing. He was only 55 years old when tragedy struck. 

The video of Ally’s mom reading the speech left netizens emotional. One user said: “Wow. I’m sobbing. That must have been the hardest thing for her to lose her dad suddenly just a few days before her wedding.” 

Another user added: “What a beautiful wedding and speech ‘dad’ this breaks my heart, but I’m so happy for them.” Despite the weight of the loss, Ally is hugely grateful that she had a final letter from her dad. 

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