Father Asks Young Son to Be His Best Man and He Gives a Honest Speech at the Wedding

When a man decided to tie the knot with the love of his life, he picked the most adorable best man – his young son. The little boy prepared a 3-page speech for the special day, which was honest, emotional, and hilarious. 

Everyone wishes for their big day to be extra special. In addition to buying the perfect dress, choosing a suitable venue, and planning a memorable ceremony, it is important to pick the maid-of-honor and best man wisely. 

Often, a couple asks their closest friends or siblings to take on these roles, but you would be surprised to know that a man picked his 7-year-old son to be his best man at his wedding in 2014. 

[Left] A teary-eyed Nick being comforted by his bride. [Right] Little Vincent delivering his best man speech. | Photo: YouTube.com/Ashe Productions

Nick del Bono had no idea that his little boy, Vincent, would deliver the most fantastic best man speech, leaving a lasting impression on everyone. Vincent prepared a fantastic speech for his father and his gorgeous bride, Lauren Elise. 

The little man confidently walked to the center of the stage holding a 3-page speech in his hands. The guests cracked up when he got hold of the microphone and introduced himself. 

The little fellow began sharing a few hilarious details about his dad, continuing in the same spirit. He told the crowd some of his father’s tricks, including flicking deodorant balls at Elise, scaring her while she showered, and making their apartment stink.

Nick del Bono and Lauren Elise laugh as their son, Vincent, gives his best man speech. | Photo: YouTube.com/Ashe Productions

Vincent’s speech left everyone bursting into loud guffaws. After sharing some hilarious facts, the little man decided to share what made Elise the perfect life partner for his father. He said she was fun to have around and even hung out with him. 

Elise shared the news with TV show host Ellen Degeneres on Facebook and said that she was glad her family of four was complete just in time for Christmas.

As the guests and Vincent’s dad and stepmom continued to enjoy his hilarious speech, they had no idea what was coming next. The adorable young man then shared the most heart-melting information about his father. 


The 7-year-old boy told the crowd that his father happened to be the most muscular guy among all the other dads in his class. He then called his father a superhero and shared all his superpowers. Vincent shared: 

“He takes care of me when I’m sick. He reads me stories every night before bed. He taught me how to ski. He taught me how to throw a baseball. He teaches me how to have good manners.”

The little best man said that his father never missed any of his games and always made him laugh. He shared how his dad loved him with all his heart, which mattered most. 

The little boy also told the crowd that when his dad asked him to be his best man, he had no clue what a best man was. But after taking on the role, everything became clear to him. Further, he expressed: 

“Every real superhero needs a sidekick – that’s me. And every TRUE superhero needs a pretty girl by his side – that’s Lauren. In my opinion, we make an unstoppable team.”

Vincent completed the speech by saying that he was happy his dad had married Elise and he couldn’t wait to welcome his baby brother. Once he was done, his teary-eyed dad and stepmom got up and walked over to him. 

In the very next instant, Vincent was in his father’s arms, and the two shared a warm hug. Fortunately for the little best man, his parents welcomed a baby girl only nine months after their marriage. His stepmom shared the good news on Facebook in 2015.

Elise shared the news with TV show host Ellen Degeneres on Facebook and said that she was glad her family of four was complete just in time for Christmas. We’re happy Vincent’s wish came true so soon. What a fantastic speech! 

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