‘Fast & Furious’ star Jordana Brewster marries Mason Morfit

“Fast & Furious” star Jordana Brewster and Mason Morfit have tied the knot, TODAY can affirm.

Brewster and Morfit, an funding agency CEO, have been dressed to the nines for his or her ceremony, with Morfit donning a basic black tuxedo with a crisp white shirt and a black bowtie seen in pictures obtained by TODAY.

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Jordana Brewster and Mason Morfit tie the knot with automobiles from “Fast & Furious” at their wedding ceremony in Santa Barbara.

Brewster shocked in a strapless white body-hugging robe with a lace embellished corset prime. She styled her hair in an up-do, made full together with her mesh veil that was hemmed with white lace. She additionally carried a small bouquet of white roses to complete off her wedding ceremony day look.

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Vroom, vroom!GGRE, CLTN / CB/CB / BACKGRID

The “Fast & Furious” star discovered an ideal approach to combine the long-standing franchise into her big day, too. Quite than driving off in a conventional automobile, Brewster and Morfit hopped into her character Mia Toretto’s shiny blue Acura Integra as a substitute.

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Fairly the getaway!GGRE, CLTN / CB/CB / BACKGRID

In attendance at Brewster’s ceremony have been a number of members of her “Fast & Furious” family, including Vin Diesel, Ludacris, and the late Paul Walker’s daughter, Meadow Walker.

On his Instagram, Ludacris shared a photo on Instagram posing with Diesel and Meadow Walker in their wedding attire. In the caption, the rapper penned a touching message paying homage to his former co-star Paul Walker, who died in November 2013.

“My Brother @paulwalker is Smiling Down From Heaven His Daughter @meadowwalker is EVERYTHING the World,” Ludacris wrote. “Created Her to Be. Legacy Lives On #love.”

Meadow Walker shared the same photo on her Instagram, simply writing “Family” in the caption.

The 23-year-old model also shared a video from the reception on her Instagram, dancing along to the band as they played a rendition of Justin Timberlake’s “Can’t Stop the Feeling.” 

“Congratulations to my sister Jordana @jordanabrewster & Mason @gmmorfit,” she wrote in the caption. “The most beautiful celebration of love. I clearly had a blast. I love you so so much. Family forever.”

Brewster was previously married to Andrew Form for 13 years, but the actor filed for divorce in July 2020. The couple share two children together, sons Julian, 8, and Rowan, 6, who they welcomed via surrogate.

In a 2021 essay for Glamour, the 42-year-old opened up about her new relationship following her divorce. In the essay, she revealed that she and Morfit had first met years prior, while they were both still married to their previous spouses. 

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A sweet kiss!GGRE, CLTN / CB/CB / BACKGRID

“At a lunch with mutual friends, he sat next to my then husband, and they talked about Hollywood,” she recalled. “I’m always shy in new social situations, so I excused myself and wandered around Park City. But I took note of Mason; he was cute, charming. Shortly after that lunch I started following him on Instagram. I enjoyed his sweet, self-deprecating humor. His intelligence made him all the more attractive. He started following me as well.”

Just four days after she separated from Form, she said that she went to visit Morfit, explaining, “I was on a plane to San Francisco to visit this man I had met only once but who had stayed on my mind. I knew he’d been separated for two years. I wanted to see him, to confirm whether the image I’d built up in my mind matched reality.”

“What I got was for more than I expected,” she said.

The couple began dating immediately, seeing each other every other week as they “began thinking about how to blend our families. While their friends and therapists initially thought the couple were moving too fast, Brewster felt sure of their relationship.

“In my 20s and most of my 30s, I second-guessed every move or decision I made,” she said. “In my 40s, I know what I value and am proud of decisions I can make on my own. My newfound security helps my kids in the long run. I know that in my heart. I also feel like I finally have a partner.”

Brewster and Morfit got engaged in September 2021, with the actor announcing the news on her Instagram. She shared a selfie of the couple sitting on the beach with her gorgeous ring in frame.

“JB soon to be JBM,” she captioned the post. 

In March 2022, Brewster talked to People about her upcoming nuptials, including how excited her two sons were for the wedding. 

“I’m trying to integrate them into the ceremony in a special, very thoughtful way,” she said. “I think Rowan’s going to do something musical and Julian’s going to give a speech of some sort. So yeah, it’ll be fun.”

Morfit had the music covered for their wedding, while Brewster focused more on the “aesthetic” side of things. Central to the wedding though was ensuring that it would be “very personal” to the couple. She explained “There’s not going to be anything impersonal about it.”

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