Fans Praise Michael Jackson after His Bearded Son Bigi Makes Rare TV Appearance

The famous Jackson name was recently in the news following an interview that featured the deceased King of Pop’s youngest son, Bigi, who is already a bearded adult. Fans were overwhelmed by his utterances, and many tweeted their impressions.

Bigi is the youngest child of the singer, songwriter, dancer, performer, philanthropist, and legendary entertainer, Michael Jackson. He has two older siblings, who were born by the icon’s former wife, Debbie Rowe.

It is no secret that Michael Jackson’s fame and successes in the entertainment industry cannot be compared to any past and present celebrity. He was and remains a notable figure in the field.

Michael, who earned the name “The King of Pop,” introduced cool and distinct dance moves and had a scintillating voice that mesmerized the hearts of many across the world. 

It has been more than a decade since his untimely death, but his legacy is still being resounded through his music, philanthropic engagements, loved ones, and most of all, his offspring.

Bigi, often called Blanket Jackson, was born in 2002; his birth name is Prince Michael Jackson II. The identity of his mother remains a mystery, as the young man was a product of artificial insemination involving his dad’s sperm and a surrogate.

Michael was very close to his kids and shared a special bond with each of them. He cared exceptionally for Bigi, the youngest, and even gave him a nickname that stuck—Blanket.

The singer sometimes traveled with the young man. In fact, the duo was responsible for stirring a media frenzy. During one of his trips to Berlin, the father of three displayed his then 9-month-old son on the balcony of his hotel room, four stories above the ground floor.

As expected, many photos were captured by the media, and Michael admitted that it was an outrageous mistake that should not have happened. He even tortured himself for this mistake by staying indoors.

Michael’s youngest son, Blanket, does not live a public life like his older siblings, sister, Paris, and brother, Michael Joseph Jackson Jr., aka Prince.

He chose to remain out of the spotlight; however, this decision earned him recognition, and he was tagged the “invisible boy.” Once he became a teenager, he changed his name to Bigi.

Although Bigi is not one to put his business out there often, he has never been afraid to make changes in his life, including his name change in 2015. According to his close relatives, he seems like a man who loves his privacy.

In 2017, his sister complained about her brother’s introverted nature. Paris explained that he did not mind living alone in their grandmother’s mansion in Calabasas, California after she and another family member left the residence to settle in another location for some time.

While this report holds water, another insider revealed that the young man is treading on his dad’s path to be a distinguished entertainer/star. The source added that he is working hard behind closed doors.

Fans witnessed the potency of this story in 2019, when Bigi, his older brother, and their cousin, Taj, began to post different entertaining content, including film reviews, on Youtube.

Apart from being enveloped in music, or TV content, he is also a lover of martial arts and, like many young male adults, has a keen interest in playing video games.

Although Bigi is yet to solidify a title in the entertainment industry, as far as the real estate business is concerned, he is the owner of a mansion in Calabasas, California. He bought the property last year, at age 18, for $2.62 million.


The 19-year-old has proven that he has a good head over his shoulders, which works well with his compassionate heart. He was recently interviewed by a journalist on the “Good Morning Britain” show.

While speaking, Bigi shared his views on climate change. First, he touched on his dad’s legacy, before explaining his perspective alongside his siblings’ plans for climate change. He said:

“There’s a lot of history in this house and the studio here. That’s what he was all about. That’s what each of us wants to do—make things that people enjoy but also benefit their lives.”

That was not all; in the same interview, he reached out to world leaders to focus on such an essential aspect of existence; climate change.

This is not the first time that the “Good Morning Britain” show will be hosting one of Michael’s kids. Last month, Prince had a candid revelation with the program, speaking of his relationship with his siblings.

The eldest child mentioned that they have a cordial bond and there is no hierarchy due to age differences. Everybody works as a team by bringing on positive energy and showcasing what they are good at.

While there is no rivalry in the group, Prince is saddled with looking out for his siblings and ensuring that they are well taken care of irrespective of the circumstances or distance (location) between them.

Following the recent appearance of Michael’s youngest son, Bigi, at the “GMB” studios, which was tweeted by the network, many Twitter users shared their comments.

The commenters praised the deceased entertainer for instilling the correct values in his children and preventing them from being the typical spoiled celebrity kids. One person quipped:

“Phenomenal young man. Michael Jackson was a great father, of what I’ve seen from these interviews his son’s are living examples of this.”

Another wrote, “MJs kids…are so impressive…I hear about the works they did, imagine a whole world of people raised by MJ, it would definitely be a better place, just love.#JACKSONLOVE.”


Bigi could not have asked for a better set of siblings, as he has the best to protect him, especially following Paris’s explanations in 2017 and a recent revelation from Prince. 

It is also impressive that despite their dad’s death in 2009, they have maintained their closeness and continue to work as a team to honor his legacy while creating their own.

Prince and Paris’s mother is Rowe, the singer’s second wife. Their first and only son was born in 1997 at the Cedar-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. Unlike Bigi, whose plans may include singing, Prince focuses on globe-trotting, his love for dogs and motorcycles. 

His sister was born in 1998, a year before her parents divorced. Paris is a model and an entertainer who has starred on TV. She also released the album “Wilted” in 2020.

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