Family Takes Blind Grandma to the Ocean and Her Reaction Is Pure Joy

Although she couldn’t see, one elderly lady’s senses were taken over by the warm sun and soothing touch of the ocean, as the unconditional love of her relatives surrounded her.

A beautiful video was shared on Instagram of a family taking their blind grandma to the sea. They rolled her backward on her wheelchair towards the water and finally, when they got to the shore, helped her get up and walk into the ocean. The grandmother could then feel the refreshing water on her feet.

Smiling beautifully throughout the experience, two of her relatives lovingly helped her sit down in the glistening salty water. As the grandma lay back slightly, looking elated, they gently poured water onto her hair. 

Her family surrounded her in the water, as they all glowed with love. The description read that this blind woman thought she would never be able to go to the sea again. It partially read

“When there’s love, anything is possible.” 

The Instagram clip has gone entirely viral, collecting an uncountable number of comments, where one would be hard-pressed to find one negative remark. 

Many agreed with the description’s emphasis on love, with Jeannette John emphasizing that it is a powerful force. Another commenter, Sammiantha, expressed: 

“This is what love looks and feels like. ❤️”

KiKi 🦋 Miller exclaimed that the part where her relatives were pouring seawater over the grandmother’s head caused her to sob.

Sasha stated that this shows how important it is for those in wheelchairs to have beach access. Some, such as one Regina, were inspired to take their mothers and grandparents to the seashore. 

It is always heartwarming to see a family caring for and looking after their elderly relatives. In 2014, one Reddit user going by @ecost also took to the online world sharing a picture of her grandmother on the beach. They wrote

“My grandma wanted to see the ocean one last time before checking into hospice. Her face says it all.”

The elderly woman looked overjoyed, closing her eyes and soaking up the sun while laughing with abandon. The poster also took to the comment section, remarking on how her grandma continues to feel joyous over the simple things life has to offer, an approach to living we should all consider.

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