‘Family Isn’t Blood:’ Brothers by Adoption Get Matching Tattoos in Honor of Becoming Family

This year a family made their bond permanent by getting matching tattoos. The ink proved that their connection was forever, and the siblings who were adopted into the brood treasured how they celebrated their “family-versary.”

When a social worker reached out to Mike Brostowitz six years ago, he couldn’t have imagined how the phone call would change his life. He was alerted to a group of siblings that needed a home.

The Nekoosa, Wisconsin, father obtained his foster care license and planned on expanding his family. However, he never knew he would adopt four siblings. He already had two biological sons with his wife, Dawn. 


Their social worker knew they wanted to adopt, so they didn’t hesitate when the need arose. Mike shared the news with his wife, and she was stunned. After speaking with the kids’ former foster mothers, Dawn realized they were special. 

This realization was confirmed after the couple met Bruce, Autumn, Annissa, and Atlantis. Their brief weekend visit was more than enough time for the parents to fall in love with them. In 2017 the adoption was made official. 

The Brostowit family became a family of eight. It is challenging, but they are happier than ever. Daughter Autumn shared:  

“I’m happy to have a great family that took us in and is able to give us a loving home that we never thought we would have.” 

In 2021 the siblings showed just how much they had bonded over the years. Their love was captured on their skin forever. To celebrate their “family-versary,” the day the siblings moved in, the sons and their father got matching tattoos. 

Brother Austin shared: “We all got the adoption date tattooed on our bodies as a sign of family isn’t blood. Family is the people you choose to be around … who you choose to be with,” Written in Roman numerals; the tattoo is a special tribute.

It will serve as a constant reminder of the love they have for each other. Dawn and her daughters also plan on getting tattoos in a few years. She expressed: “When the girls get older, I said I would get one with them.”

The family also enjoys sharing their story of adoption. Dawn believes anyone can adopt. The mother stated: “Even if you think you can’t do it, you really can. It’s all about changing your priorities, changing your lifestyle.”

Now, she can’t imagine her life without her kids and shared that her life was richer because of them. Dawn hopes to encourage more parents to adopt and open their doors to children who need a forever home.  

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