Family Gets Call from Unknown Person Claiming He Is in Their Backyard

A couple received a phone call from an unknown number in the middle of the night. To their horror, the stranger on the other end knew everything about their family and even claimed he was watching them from the backyard. 

A Reddit user named Str8thuglove posted a story from when she was five years old. She remembers waking up to her parents screaming in the backyard in the middle of the night.

Her sister also woke up because they could hear their parents’ voices through the bedroom windows. Disturbed by the noise, the sisters shut the windows and went back to sleep but later discovered what made their parents yell in the middle of the night.

When the girl was in her teens, she overheard her mother’s conversation with another family member talking about the same night. OP’s (Original Poster’s) mother explained what happened that night.

After the girls went to bed, OP’s parents received an unusual phone call from an electronic interpreter, which deaf people usually communicate through. They were surprised because they didn’t know anyone who would use it but accepted the call anyway.

To their horror, the person on the other end knew the full names of everyone in the family. Moreover, he even explained what their house looked like inside and claimed he was hiding in the bushy backyard. 

After hearing that the unknown person wanted to enter the house and dismember their daughters, the couple freaked out. However, they also believed this was nothing but an awful prank. 

Within a few minutes, the local police surrounded their house

To check if the person was telling the truth, OP’s father asked him to tell what they were wearing and doing at the moment. He asked the man to explain everything in detail. 

To his surprise, the tormentor revealed the correct details and even explained his wife’s facial expressions. He also named the things present on their patio. OP explained what happened next:

“My dad, a rough guy with a heart of gold, charged in to the night ready to kill any person he encountered.”

Terrified by what was happening, OP’s mother immediately darted for the phone and called the cops while her husband ventured into the backyard to see who was hiding there. 

Within a few minutes, the local police surrounded their house and searched every corner of the backyard to no avail. It seemed like someone was joking with the family, but how the caller revealed the correct details made them believe otherwise.

Unfortunately, the police couldn’t trace the caller’s location since he used an electronic interpreter, which most criminals use to hide their identity. The unknown man never contacted the family after that night, and they still have no idea who he was. OP revealed her suspicions in her post, saying:

“Was this the work of a former friend/enemy trying to play some kind of cruel joke? Was there an actual murderer in my backyard? We will never know.”

Other Reddit users felt terrified after reading about the mystery. 



it was one of OP’s neighbors trying to prank, to which OP



“That thought did cross my mind. Our neighbors were close by and one in particular was pretty horrible, I wouldn’t put it past him. Still such an awful thing to do.”

Another user shared that they bought a similar device for $10 and pranked a friend with it. When their friend panicked, they immediately told her it was a joke, so things didn’t get serious. The user suggested it might be one of OP’s relatives pulling a prank on her family, but they didn’t reveal their identity after seeing the cops.  

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