Family, Friends, and Strangers Accuse Woman of Infidelity after Seeing How Her Child Looks

A woman took to Reddit after her friends, family, and even strangers started questioning if her husband was her baby’s birth father due to the difference in their skin tone. 

When Redditor ThrowRA_2223344 shared her harrowing experience on Reddit, people flooded her post with supportive comments that uplifted her morale. She began to see her situation differently and gained confidence in dealing with critics who said her husband wasn’t her baby’s father.

Just over a year after marrying her partner, 22, the Original Poster (OP), 20, welcomed her first child with him. Their son resembled both of them, and there were no red flags initially. But as he grew older, people began noticing the visible differences in the father and son’s skin tone.

OP broke down after people constantly questioned her about her baby’s paternity | Photo: Shutterstock

Wherever she went with her son and husband, OP sensed that everyone looked at her differently. People raised their eyebrows, and some even questioned if the boy was her husband’s son. 

At first, OP thought everything would be fine, and the visible differences between her husband and son would go unnoticed. However, her distress worsened with time. 

She was hurt and couldn’t turn to anyone for support, not even her friends who had the same opinion. Some of them constantly nagged her.

The difference between OP’s husband and their baby’s skin tone raised eyebrows | Photo: Pexels

Her friends told OP that they knew her husband wasn’t her son’s birth father. They asked her to confess the truth about the birth father and added to her agony. 

At times, OP’s husband would tell her how some of his relatives and friends questioned him if he was sure the child was his. OP was emotionally burdened and turned to her mother for support.

To her dismay, her mother confronted her during a visit and asked her if she was still seeing her ex-boyfriend, but she insisted she had no contact with her ex since they broke up years ago. 

Even her mom thought she cheated on her husband | Photo: Unsplash

OP claimed her mom suspected her because her ex was black. She was distressed for being branded as a cheater by her family and friends. 

She realized it was the only way to prove her critics wrong. 

She later decided she could opt for a paternity test but was unsure if it would imply she cheated on her husband. So she turned to social media for advice on what to do.

OP’s mom suspected she contacted her ex with whom she broke up years ago | Photo: Pexels

“If anything, do a test and only share the results with your husband. No one else’s opinion matters,” Redditor raining-sloths commented and added:

“This way, your husband will have your back…Everyone else just needs to mind their business and have no place to be commenting on this.”

User asideofpickles advised likewise in a comment that read: “Do a paternity test. They cannot argue with the results. There should be no reason why you wouldn’t want to do it. Being hesitant over getting a paternity test makes you seem guilty.”

People advised OP to test her son’s paternity to prove her critics wrong | Photo: Pixabay

OP admitted she wasn’t hesitant and that she had nothing to hide. However, “The only thing I’m scared about is that they will think that even though my husband is our child’s father, I still cheated with someone because we had to do a paternity test,” she stated.

Meanwhile, OP’s husband offered his unwavering support and said he trusted her. So OP later agreed she would take the test to put off the suspicions about her infidelity. She realized it was the only way to prove her critics wrong. 

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