Family Adopts 3 Special Needs and Terminally Ill Children Abandoned with Nothing

When her parents moved from America to Guatemala, one woman didn’t know where she fit in. Everything changed when she met a terminally ill baby that set her life on a new trajectory. 

Addisyn López and her husband Ronald never knew how one decision would change their lives and the lives of many others. When Addisyn was asked to look after a terminally ill baby, she didn’t think twice before agreeing.

That was the start of something special in the López household. The infant was diagnosed with hydranencephaly and had a very low life expectancy. However, Addisyn felt a strong desire to adopt her.

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A judge asked Addisyn why she bothered and cared so much. The young woman recalled: “I told her I cared because her life matters, and the value of our life isn’t decided by the number of our days. I named her Emma Leigh.” 

Sadly, the baby passed away a few months later, but the experience led the mother to her purpose. She didn’t want terminally ill babies to die alone, never having been loved, so she started Into His Arms with her husband.   

Into His Arms is a safe place for terminally ill children where they can be “loved until the very end.” Since their new endeavor, the López household has grown after successfully adopting two children in 2020.

Zailee Grace does not have a long life expectancy, and Ezra Justice has various medical conditions, but the parents love them despite everything counting against them. Addisyn has since given birth to a son and daughter, and she loves her blended family.

Their journey isn’t easy and is filled with uncertainty and heartbreak. However, giving the children a home filled with love and goodness makes everything worthwhile. 

“I’ve seen the depths of the darkness, but I’ve also seen so much light. There’s a lot of bad in the world, but I believe there’s even more good, and it’s up to us to be it.”


Similar to Addisyn and Ronald, another couple also felt called to adopt. When Nick and Kate Hayes started their adoption journey in 2017, they didn’t foresee just how much their lives would change.

Nick found a 10-year-old girl born with no mouth opening, feet, or hands. The couple was drawn to her and wanted to bring her home despite her special needs.  

It was out of their comfort zone, but it was meant to be. Melanie is strong and doesn’t let anything get her down. She fits into their family perfectly and enjoys the love and support she receives from her mom and dad.  

The Hayes’ lives were undoubtedly made better because of the joy their new daughter brought them, as were Addisyn and Ronald’s lives when they welcomed Emma, Zailee, and Ezra. The journey has been challenging for both couples, but they wouldn’t trade their beloved kids for anything. 

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