Expert Suspects Mickey Rourke Glues a Wig to His Head Though Does Not Think It Looks ‘Botched’

Mickey Rourke was once regarded as one of the most handsome actors in Hollywood. However, after he quit, he pursued boxing, sustained several facial injuries, and underwent surgeries that changed his appearance entirely.

American Actor, Screenwriter, Activist, and former Boxer Mickey Rourke is one man who has inspired many with both his professional and personal achievements. 

The star has been in the entertainment industry for several years and has no intentions of stepping back. Rourke’s time in Hollywood has seen him feature in several iconic movies. Rourke attained international fame after he starred in the film “Diner.” 

Photo of American actor and former boxer, Mickey Rourke. | Photo: Getty Images

Following his excellent performance in the movie, the actor starred in dozens of other crowd-favorites. He has featured in films such as “Iron Man,” “Ashby,” “Sin City,” and many others. 

Although Rourke appears to have seen it all in entertainment, there was a time the activist struggled with fame. Take a deeper look into the personal and professional life of Mickey Rourke.

Mickey Rourke at The Royal Opera House on February 21, 2010 in London, England. | Photo: Getty Images


Before Rourke became an actor, he had been a keen amateur boxer. He found solace in the boxing ring, training in the same gym Muhammad Ali started in. 

Ultimately, an injury stopped him from starting a professional career in the sport. Instead, he started his foray into the movie industry, a fruitful career. 

However, his early days as an actor were filled with ups and downs. In the 1980s, Rourke opened up about how he struggled to cope with fame and the entire Hollywood ecosystem.

During interviews, the “The Pope of Greenwich Village” star often talked down on his co-stars and movie directors. Rourke always dismissed a big part of the industry as beneath him.

He was not comfortable with the fact that even though actors tried their best, in the end, the studio and the public owned them.

During an interview in 1992, the former boxer revealed that he slowly lost his spirit in a way. He started not liking himself and the acting business. 

So, in the early 1990s, the actor took a break from his acting career to professionally return to the boxing ring. During the next five years, Rourke remained undefeated.

However, he took several punches to the face, leading to severe injuries. Like many other celebrities, the icon opted for reconstructive surgeries to mend his wounds. 

While many believed that Rourke’s surgery was mainly for cosmetic purposes, the actor claimed he did them to mend the “mess” of his face.

Sadly, many of the surgeries ended up unsuccessful, as Rourke said he went to the wrong guy to put his face back together. However, the former boxer continued to work on his look until he was satisfied with it.

Rourke had surgery to fix his broken nose and smashed cheekbone. Cartilage was taken from the actor’s ear to reconstruct his nose. Some experts also claimed the star underwent facelift and eyelid surgery, soft tissue fillers, cheek and chin implants.

Elgmati believed none of Rourke’s surgeries were “botched;” instead, they were “overdone.”


After the surgery, there were debates regarding the necessity of Rourke’s facial changes. However, the actor’s spokesperson gave reasons why Rourke had to undergo those reconstructive surgeries.

The spokesperson said Rourke had to undergo rhinoplasty because he had difficulty breathing. Plastic Surgeon Anthony Griffin noted that boxing injuries could cause breathing problems, adding that the nose had the most delicate bony structure, which made it vulnerable.

Although Rourke’s surgeries fixed his injuries, they changed his entire appearance, making him look unrecognizable. A picture of Rourke on his way to his tailor saw the star’s formerly wrinkled face toned and tanned. 

The actor’s beardless chin was transformed with a small goatee, and a mustache made things even better. The screenwriter rocked silver hair extensions, khakis, cowboy boots, and a peach V-neck. In general, Rourke’s new look was a far cry from his appearance after he retired from boxing.


While the icon was satisfied with the outcome of his surgeries, social media users thought the opposite. He appeared on the “Good Morning Britain” show, and viewers and a cosmetic expert were not impressed with his looks. 

Aesthetics doctor and hair transplant surgeon Hala Elgmati mentioned that Rourke was handsome and masculine until his forties. However, the surgeries had negatively affected the actor’s facial proportions to a point it was jarring to the human eye.

Despite her analysis, Elgmati believed none of Rourke’s surgeries were “botched;” instead, they were “overdone.” The hair transplant surgeon also spoke about the former boxer’s hair, which appeared different.

Elgmati said she suspected the “Stormbreaker” star always wore an artificial cosmetic wig glued to his scalp and lasted for only two months at a time. 

She also relayed that the constant use of botox had potentially affected Rourke’s forehead. According to the doctor, Rourke’s muscles were almost in a permanent state of paralysis. 

Elgmati believed Rourke’s cheeks were enhanced by injecting fat into them or traditional dermal fillers. Overall, the expert’s final advice was for him to go easy on the botox and embrace his wrinkles if he had any.


The Hollywood star was born Philip Andre Jr. on September 16, 1952, into a family of Irish and French descent. His father was a professional bodybuilder who left his family when Rourke was six.

His mother, Anne, raised him alongside his brother Joey and his half-siblings. She remarried, and they moved to Miami, but Rourke’s childhood was unhappy. 

However, Rourke pushed through all his struggles and became successful in Hollywood with several accolades for his impact, including an Oscar award and a Golden Globe award.

Regarding his love life, Rourke has dated several celebrities, including Sasha Volkova and Terry Farrell. He has also been married twice but has no children.

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