Every Tuesday Daughter Visits Mother’s Grave – Once Gift She Left Was Crushed

On Mother’s Day, a girl left a handmade gift along with flowers and balloons at her mother’s grave. The next time she went there, she discovered someone had destroyed her present.

The girl believed she knew who destroyed her precious gift. She opened up about her relationship with her mother on Reddit and revealed who she suspected must have crushed the gift.

She asked other Reddit users for advice because she didn’t know what to do next. She also shared what happened when she visited her mother’s grave the following week.

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The Reddit user named leicequeen shared that she was very close to her mother but wasn’t talking to her during the last two years of her life because of a fight. She explained:

“She was my godmother who ended up adopting me when my birth mother wasn’t capable of taking care of me anymore.”

Three days before her death, the girl discovered that her mother wasn’t doing well. She immediately ignored their fight and rushed to see her. 

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When she apologized to her mother, she accepted it and told her she had never stopped loving her. Thus, OP (Original Poster) was devastated when her mother passed away.

When she thought about what happened at the funeral, she figured out who it might be. 

Since she shared a close bond with her mother, OP pledged to visit her grave every Tuesday. On Mother’s Day, she decided to bring her a handmade gift to show how much she missed her. 

OP left a gift and some flowers at her mother’s grave | Source: Unsplash

She bought some balloons and flowers and placed them with the gift on her mother’s grave. Thinking about the good times she spent with her, she returned home.

The following Tuesday, OP visited her mother and discovered something was wrong with her gift. She noticed that someone had pulled out the piece with her name on it. 

Not knowing who did it, she went home and returned the following week. To her horror, someone had crushed the heartfelt gift she made for her mother. 

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At this point, OP believed someone did it on purpose but didn’t know who it was. But when she thought about what happened at the funeral, she figured out who it might be. 

A photo slideshow was played at her mother’s funeral, and most of the photos were of OP’s mother and her cousin. OP suspected this was done deliberately but chose to ignore it because she felt miserable at the time. 

OP suspected her cousin destroyed the gift because she believed she had always felt jealous of her. Her cousin had said things like, “She’s not your real mom,” which hurt OP.

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After seeing what happened to her gift, OP felt she should do something. She posted her story on Reddit, asking other users for advice on what to do next. ForkAKnife replied:

“You talk to whoever is managing the graveyard and ask them if their grounds crew could have done it.”

The user also suggested OP ask the graveyard staff to keep an eye on her mother’s grave. They also felt sorry for OP and hoped she would talk to her cousin to resolve their conflict.

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Illustrious-Manner41 shared a similar incident where her friend’s daughter passed away in an accident, and her family placed a memorial near the accident site. At first, there was no issue, but later someone destroyed it, leaving the parents heartbroken.

The user also shared that the other memorial in the same lane was left unchanged. They shared the story to make OP feel at ease knowing she wasn’t alone.

Another user named melonsmasher shared she went through the same, but that didn’t stop her from bringing presents to her family’s graves. She suggested OP remain persistent and never give up despite what other people do. 

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If you were OP, would you confront your cousin and find out the truth?

While it would be wiser to get to the root of her suspicions and confront her cousin, it may also be risky if it turned out that OP was wrong for suspecting her cousin had something to do with destroying her present at her mother’s grave. 

Should OP continue bringing gifts to her mother’s grave, knowing they might get stolen or destroyed?

While it is cathartic to leave gifts for our loved ones at their graves, there is also a risk involved in them getting stolen or being tampered with. One must simply decide if the risk outweighs the comfort one gets from leaving a part of them in their loved one’s gravesite.  

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