Elvis Presley’s Ex Ann-Margret Tried to Get Pregnant for 13 Years & Used All Kinds of Methods

Ann-Margret, who once dated and stole the heart of Elvis Presley, the king of Rock and Roll, had difficulties getting pregnant after attempting to for thirteen years, and employing all sorts of methods.

Ann-Margret is a woman who is tremendously talented. The Hollywood legend is a skilled dancer, singer, and actress. In all her years in the industry, she attracted accolades for her great works, including a Golden Globe Awards.

This superstar embodies values worth emulating and is somehow seen as a perfect woman by her legion of fans across the world. It would not be far from the truth because she intelligently merged a successful career and unique personal lifestyle—including her long-term union.

The Amazon has been able to avoid scandals and managed to hold down her enviable romance with Roger Smith for five decades, a quality very few female entertainers possess. Many are familiar with Smith and the actress’s happy story.

Still, they are oblivious of their personal struggles because these two loved to shield details about their family from the ever-watchful eyes of the media. However, there have been times when Ann-Margret shared intimate stories via a self-written publication or in a refreshingly honest interview.

A few details from these disclosures indicated that she once had a love affair with the famous singer Elvis Presley and she struggled to get pregnant for more than one decade.


In her book titled “My Story,” the actress confessed that she dated the king of rock and roll for a year, and it seemed like the perfect relationship. They spent time enjoying each other’s company and are believed to have been together on the day of JFK’s untimely death.

This all began after they both appeared in “Vivas La Vegas,” where Presley played Lucky, and she played Rusty. Initially, she met him in 1963 but was not impressed with the American.

But during their time as co-stars, she realized they had so much in common including their love for black leather, performing Harley motorcycles, similar family values, and a belief in God.

However, the relationship between these thriving stars did not last for long. Finally, they broke up as they continued to drift apart. Yet, it did not ruin their beautiful friendship; Ann-Margret agreed that they remained friends and communicated through a mutual friend.

Even after she got married in 1967, Presley found it difficult to let go. He located her in a dressing room, walked in, shut the door, and lovingly took her hands in his, to proclaim his love for her.

At the time, the “Bye Bye Birdie” star felt touched but was also ready to give her marriage her all. This decision would later become the number one recipe to her enviable relationship with the famous actor, Smith.

Ann-Margret met her actor husband, Roger Smith, in 1961, when she premiered as the delectable, young star in “Bye, Bye Birdie,” and they remained just friends.  

The next time they crossed paths was in 1966 after the actor treated his colleague to a wonderful performance in a San Francisco nightclub. Smith set in the perfect tempo for a series of luxurious dates that followed because he picked an interest in the lady.

According to him, she could control herself around him and he was impressed at how she spoke only when spoken to and sometimes ignored him. This was not the norm for a handsome actor who had many women smitten.

Once they grew familiar, the duo became more than friends, and after a year of dating, they exchanged their marital vows. Years after the union in Las Vegas, Ann-Margret revealed that on the third date, she already knew they would end up as husband and wife. 

Yet, when the time came for their hopes to be fulfilled, the actress was in tears. She recalled that her emotional state was due to the condition of the environment. 

They had eloped to Las Vegas for an intimate ceremony, and the room they stayed in to exchange vows was nothing close to glamorous and filled with cigarette smoke. 

The audience thought she was pregnant, but Ann-Margret said she had had a different idea of a fairytale wedding and could not help but cry throughout the entire ceremony. 


Ann-Margret never had a child with her husband or any other man. In 1985, she admitted that she had tried for thirteen years, but nothing changed.

Presley’s former flame tried all sorts of methods from fertility pump to injecting her stomach with an experimental device. Having tried tirelessly for thirteen years, the actress decided to give up and instead believe in God. She said:

“The point is, if I am meant to have a child, I will have one. Whatever my higher power feels is right for me, I will accept. I know this may sound simplistic, but I believe in the serenity prayer.”

Despite her inability to conceive, she was a commendable parent to Smith’s three kids and shared a close bond with them. The actor was formerly married before meeting Ann-Margret. 

They stayed close, and even after the actor died in 2017, she kept in touch with his kids and played the role of grandmother to their kids.


Through the childlessness and busy schedules, Smith was by her side. He proved to be the perfect husband who was good at multitasking. He was her agent, manager, producer and looked out for his wife. 

Whenever he thought the actress looked exhausted, the charming husband would carry her in his arms, back to the dressing room, and never complained or made a fuss about it.

One of the toppings on the cake for Ann-Margret was that her husband was never a jealous man. She continued her friendship with Presley after their marriage but respected boundaries. Smith never challenged their relationship, and it never bothered their marriage. 

These two weathered the storms in their union without letting it break them. Ann-Margret had a near-tragic fall earlier in her career, while her husband faced a few health challenges in 1980. Still, they survived through it all.

When asked about the key to their successful marriage, the actress said she was assured of Smith’s protection and since their journey began, they decided to make it work. She added that they were each other’s critics and they also laughed at weird situations together. 

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