Elderly Man Whose Caretaker Stole All His Money Calls the Police after Starving for Days

An elderly man left alone to care for himself after his caretaker abandoned him phoned the police. The helpless man cried that he was starving and had not eaten for days. Here is how the force responded.

In January 2016, a disabled 79-year-old man in Tennessee was placed under the care of a woman. However, the caretaker did not fulfill her obligations. Instead, she left the older adult stranded for days.

Thankfully, he could reach the dispatchers after suffering starvation for two days. In no time, the uniformed men got to his house, bearing the most unimaginable items that would last for a month.

A screenshot from the heartwarming video showing some kind police officers helping the disabled elderly man|. Photo: facebook.com/mount.police

The Mt.Pleasant police proved that the men of the force are not only skilled at protecting citizens by fighting crimes or ensuring law and order but that they also have hearts and can perform humanitarian duties.

After hearing the 79-year-old man’s plight, they (Nathan Bolton, Brian Gray, Buddy Odom, and Adam Reunions) reached out by storming his home with tons of bags filled with groceries. The food items were purchased with $160 from their personal pockets.

According to Bolton, the caller was surprised to have them with the groceries in his house because they did not bother him with questions over the phone.


A photo of the officers stocking the man’s shelves was posted online by one of the men, with a caption that explained how thrilled the poster appeared to be while serving. 

Many netizens reacted to it. People worldwide praised them for their generosity, and the officers confessed that they were in shock with the attention a simple “goodness of their own hearts” received.

In an interview, the 79-year-old told journalists that he was grateful to the cops for their kindness. However, he preferred to remain anonymous while explaining the full details of the story.

An elderly man grinning from a sofa | Photo: Pexels

According to him, he receives a fixed income and depends on his social security benefits for survival. The Tennessee resident was stranded because his caretaker stole his debit card.

The offender named Tammy Brooks was later arrested, and the police confirmed that she used the man’s card at different stores; there were surveillance videos that backed up this discovery.

Brooks was immediately put in the Maury County Jail and charged with theft and fraudulent debit card use. According to Lt. Det. Terry Chandler, the police consists of a small community that cares for people.

Two policemen having a chat by their patrol cars | Photo: Pexels

Following the incident, the Mt. Pleasant police began a food pantry to provide aid to citizens facing similar issues and accept canned food donations. Chandler revealed that “the more attention this got, the more we found that people really needed help.”

A similar incident happened in 2017 when some North Carolina police officers decided to buy food for a mom-of-three who was reported to have stolen food from a local store. After speaking to the mom, the police realized she was only trying to get food for her starving children.

Thus, rather than turn her in as an offender, they decided to buy her and the children food. Stories like this and the 79-year-old’s usually help to restore faith in humanity and one can only hope for more cases.

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